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Does lip gloss as highlighter sound outrageous? A skilled makeup artist can use a limited amount of makeup to create endless possibilities and achieve amazing results! We may also be missing a certain makeup when we usually wear makeup, so let’s move on to more beauty uses for lip gloss!

• Usage 1: lip gloss as highlighter
Using a transparent lip gloss as a highlighter will give a sense of hydration and clarity, giving a feeling of clear and luminous skin, a texture that even surpasses many highlighters.

Product: Floating Light Lip Gloss by Perfect Diary is light and transparent to create hydrated glass lips, and also works perfectly as a face highlighter.

Tips for use:
Apply a little bit of the lip gloss to your fingertips, push it out evenly, and after the color lightens a bit, gently dab it on the nose, center of the nose, cheeks, and other locations you want to highlight.

• Usage 2: Lip gloss as eye shadow
Cute and charming red eyeshadow is always a fashion trend, such as the Red Fox Eyeshadow Palette by Perfect Diary, which easily creates charming eyes. In addition to the eyeshadow palette, we can also use a red lip gloss to complete the look. The same color lips and eyeshadow echo each other and are also very coordinated and natural.

Product: Floating Light Lip Gloss Heartbeat Collection from Perfect Diary. The texture of the matte mousse gives your lips a glossy feel while also having a velvety, fluffy feel. The slightly thicker texture applied to the eyeshadow is also very beautiful, and the overall look is elegant and noble.

Tips for use:
First squeeze a little lip gloss onto the back of your hand and push it out. Dab the color with your fingers.

The color will be slowly overlapped and stained from the part near the eyelashes outwards, a little bit more than once. The lip gloss adheres super well, the downside is that it can be too wet. So, after you finish this eye makeup, sweep a layer of powder on your eyelids to set it!

• Usage 3: Lip gloss as concealer
An orange lip gloss with a concealer can be turned into an orange concealer that can cover dark circles! If you can’t find an orange concealer around, this is the solution to try and save your skin!

Product: Floating Light Lip Gloss by Perfect Diary – 115 You make me melt. A lovely summer orange shade that is vibrant and dewy and light.

Tips for use:
Take a little orange lip gloss and mix it with concealer. Make sure to use a liquid concealer and not a cream one, otherwise it won’t blend well.

Make a concealer for the dark circles under your eyes. The warm tones neutralize the greenish purple color of the dark circles. If you are afraid of the color popping out, you can use concealer first and then take a small amount of foundation and layer it to even out your skin tone. Or use a lighter shade of concealer to brighten up afterwards!

This usage saves us from having to buy a separate orange concealer.

• Usage 4: Lip gloss as eyeliner
Lip gloss with lash raincoat can be transformed into colored eyeliner! Yes, you read that right. Some beauty bloggers have recommended sweeping the eyeliner at the end of the eye with an eyelash raincoat to prevent smudging, so mixing lip gloss as eyeliner doesn’t seem so odd.

Tips for use:
Squeeze a little lip gloss, mix it with the lash raincoat and then draw eyeliner with an eyeliner brush.

• Usage 5: Lip gloss as blush
Using lip gloss as a blush is a very common beauty trick. Many times we use a blush alone that may not match our lipstick color, but by using lipstick or lip gloss directly as a blush this problem is solved and is more permanent.

Tips for use:
First squeeze a small amount of lip gloss between your thumb and palm, then fold your hands together and rub your muscles on both sides, and the lip gloss spreads evenly.

Then push the lip gloss slowly on the cheekbone area. This is more even than using your fingers because the contact surface is bigger, so there is no patchiness.

• Usage 6: Lip gloss mixing
Sometimes we choose lip glosses that are not the right color, and they may just sit unused at home. And mixing colors gives more possibilities for these lip glosses.

For example, by mixing one dark color with one light color, you may get a very harmonious new color, which will save our budget on buying lipsticks while giving us a unique lip color.

Tips for use:
Start by lightly applying a dark or matte textured lip gloss lightly to your lips and then layer it with a glossy or light lip gloss. Or you can also mix different colors of lip glosses to make a new color. Be bold and use your imagination.