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When do you use black lip liner and lip gloss? Halloween is coming, and many people are bothered by the makeup for a masquerade party. If you’re just wearing weird costumes and masks, you’re going too far! Do you want to make a bright appearance at the party and catch the attention of countless people?

Today, I will share with you the makeup looks that celebrities like to wear, and introduce a simple makeup method. Whether it is an enchanting devil or an innocent angel, whether it is a cute cartoon or a terrifying monster, learn simple steps and use your creativity to draw your unique makeup.

For example, the simplest one is to paint the face as white as flour, and the stunning look of the “Queen of the Night” with a white face and black lips becomes the focus of the audience. In autumn and winter, you can try to choose dark purple, blue-purple, dark red, and other rich colors, apply it layer by layer with dark lipstick, and draw it in at the corners of the lips.

How to nail the party with black lip liner and lip gloss?

Purple and black lipstick is simply perfect for Halloween. But if you see lips like this on the street on weekdays, you might think she’s poisoned. But for Halloween parties, you can boldly use these colors that are not usually used!

Use a black lip liner and lip gloss to outline the desired shape on the lips, then fill in with dark lipstick, which can be applied gradually on the lips from the inside to the outside, not too uniform.

Besides applying to the lips, black lip liner can also be painted on the face. After all, it is a cosmetic used in the mouth, which is safer and healthier. For example, the common Halloween devil horn, you can also try the shape of the little witch. The black part is drawn with eyeliner, the red part is drawn directly with lip liner and lipstick, and the black part of the lips with black lipstick can be used directly. The makeup that comes out is very suitable for trick or treat!

While black lipstick was once considered exclusive to Halloween and Goths, this season, it’s officially making its way to the fashion runway. Models with black lips are seen walking the runway at many fashion shows. You can name any brands you know!

Unlike black clothing, black lipstick is far less forgiving. The darker the lip color, the more immediately peeling, dry lips will be noticed; therefore, applying a lip mask and lip balm before coloring is a critical first step.

Not all black lip liner and lip gloss are the same. There is a huge difference between a dark matte lip gloss and a glossy wax or high gloss lipstick. Compared with glossy lipsticks, which are easy to fade and blur the lip line, matte lipsticks have the highest staying power and are easier to color.

To get the deep lip color in place, add other products underneath. It’s best to use a primer first, then the black base of your choice, and use a lip liner to completely outline the lips. Soak up excess lipstick with a tissue and oil-control powder to allow the color to adhere to lips, then apply lipstick: one at a time, many times over. This method can keep the color longer and is suitable for wearing makeup for a long time.

Make the rest of the makeup look very clean, after all, this is not Halloween makeup. Consider natural-toning the face, concealing under-eye concealers in a light shade, and creating soft-focus skin with only an emphasis on darker lip colors. Or you can add thin eyeliner to emphasize the inner eyeliner, but never use eye shadow.

Of course, if you still want to do these exaggerated makeup looks on a special day, you might as well wear dark black lipstick, and finally put on a suitable wig, and become a magic witch in seconds!

After you finish your basic lip makeup, use liquid eyeliner and lip liner to lengthen the corners of the mouth, and use the method of drawing an “X” to trace the stitches; use dark brown eyeliner to dot freckles on both sides of the cheeks to complete a clown look slightly!