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Try neutral color lip gloss if you are tired of boring red lipstick. They are just too BASIC. Plus, the neutral/nude color lip glosses are just too good to be neglected. The nude color is really wearable and can be anyone’s go-to lip gloss.

What is a neutral color lip gloss?
The colors of neutral color lip glosses are similar to your skin tone. They are softer and can give a very warm feeling. The neutral color lip gloss can range from pale taupe to neutral beige to rich brown. For example, nude orange, nude gold, nude pink, beige, coral, etc.

The neutral colors, also called nude colors, are perfect to use when you are wearing daily nude makeup. Or, if you don’t feel like wearing any makeup today but don’t want to look dull or sloppy, applying a neutral color lipstick can add a little glow to your face and can get you ready quickly.

How to find the right neutral color lip gloss that suits you best?
Have you ever been stuck thinking about what color lip gloss or lipstick should you wear? There are literally hundreds of different lipsticks out there in varying tones and finishes, and this can make your shopping trip seem more like a mission than a fun shot. So finding the one color that you like best can be overwhelming. So knowing your signature lip color based on your skin tone can help narrow the field. Next, we will give you some key tips for picking your perfect neutral color lip gloss.

First, find your skin tone. There are three different skin tones:

  • Cool: red and pink with bluish hints
  • warm: yellow, peachy and golden hues
  • Neutral: olive or a balanced mix of the shades above

There are actually many ways for you to determine your skin tone. And the easiest way is to check the appearance of your veins beneath your skin: blue or purple veins indicate a cool skin tone, green or greenish blue veins indicate a warm skin tone, and olive complexion veins indicate a neutral skin tone.

After knowing your skin tone, now let’s see what color of neutral color lip gloss suits you. Choosing the right nude lip gloss can be very tricky. We’ve seen a lot of people pick the wrong color and make them look like an undead version of themselves. The right nude supposes to make you look fresh and give you a natural makeup finish. Here, we present tips straight from the makeup artists to show you how to pick the best nude lipsticks for cool skin, warm skin and neutral skin.

The rule is pretty easy, the first thing you need to keep in mind are some general guidelines. People with cool skin tones can beautifully pull off pink- and rose-based neutral color lip gloss, whereas neutral skin tones look incredible in beiges, browns, or even a berry or mauve-adjacent nude. As for warm skin tone, there’s a lot of room to play with shades ranging from creamy, dark caramels to rich cocoa.

How to apply the neutral color lip gloss?
Have you ever complained that the neutral color lip gloss doesn’t look good on you, or the nude color even makes your makeup look worse? Well, the reason for that is either you chose the wrong lipstick shade, or you are using it in the wrong way.

There are two ways to apply the neutral color lip gloss. The first approach requires a lip liner. Because the neutral colors, especially the more nude colors, are kind of close to your skin complexion. If you are doing nude lip makeup without a lip liner, it can wash your skin tone out or it will make your face look a little flat. So, a lip liner is definitely a must-have to create an outline of your lips and give some dimension to your makeup.

The second approach is more creative and freestyle. If you don’t want your lips to look too nude or too close to your skin color. Then we recommend using a combination of matte lipstick and a neutral color lip gloss. For example, you can apply a pink shade of matte lipstick first, then add a beige lip gloss over it. This will give you a natural and shiny dewy lip makeup finish. Don’t be afraid to wear nude. Use it wisely and boldly, you will find a whole new makeup style of yours.