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Brow pencil vs brow gel? Which one do you prefer? Eyebrows are an important part of a person’s overall appearance. Having good-looking eyebrows can really add a lot of value to yourself.

The most common brow products are the “ancestors” of various thrush products, which evolved later. When used, the brow pencil should be soft enough, soft and smooth, that it shouldn’t feel like the skin is being pulled. The eyebrow pencil is easy to use and easy to control. The eyebrow pencil can be used for a long time and the effect will be natural if drawn well.

The line of the pencil may be a little stiff and make you look too strict. When drawing, put it on the end of the pencil so that the drawing is more flexible. And according to the direction of hair growth, trace the brows as quickly and gently as possible. Use a cotton swab to remove makeup remover and wipe away rigid, exaggerated lines.

Have you heard of brow gel? I’m sure some people know about it, but some don’t. There is also a brow product that can help you keep your brows in shape for about three days. Does it feel amazing? This brow product is brow gel.

This product is a new type of brow product. It can help you maintain eyebrow shape for about three days, and it is definitely a welfare product for people with entanglement and lazy cancer. It’s a gel-like texture, so apply it to clean brows, then use a cotton swab to reshape your brows while it’s still dry, and wait for it to dry completely. It is generally good to tear it off within 20 minutes to 2 hours. After tearing off, the eyebrows can stay for about three days.

Brow pencil vs brow gel, which to pick?
Easy to use, natural brow color, and long-lasting, the disadvantage of eyebrow glue is that it is not easy to grasp. It will be easier to draw badly when you use it at the beginning, and you need to practice a few times. Because the eyebrow gel lasts for a long time, remember to wash it off in time and repaint it when you feel that the effect of the painting is not satisfactory. Otherwise, you may have to wear unsightly eyebrows for two or three days!

We are all familiar with eyebrow pencils, and almost every makeup brand has withdrawn from its own eyebrow pencils. Most of the eyebrow pencils on the market include pencil-type eyebrow pencils and push-tube eyebrow pencils. Its main effect is to help outline the shape of the eyebrows and the tail of the eyebrows, which is very convenient and quick to use. However, the eyebrow pencil contains wax, so it is easier to remove makeup in a humid and warm environment. So I have to apply and remove eyebrow makeup every day.

Brow pencil vs brow gel, which to pick? I believe now you have the right answer depending on different situations. When drawing eyebrows, I usually use an eyebrow pencil to investigate the overall shape and then add a few more. If you want to be more delicate, you can use an eyebrow pencil with eyebrow powder, but in summer, eyebrow gel is better if you want to be waterproof. Or you can also use an eyebrow raincoat.

The eyebrows are very thin and light in color. In this case, it is not suitable to use eyebrow powder, which is easy to fall off. It is better to use an eyebrow pencil. The texture of the eyebrow pencil should be soft, otherwise, it will scratch the skin under the eyebrows. The refill is powdery and very delicate, easy to color, not particle-free, and not easy to fall off the best eyebrow pencil. If the color is dark brown, it is good, but it can’t be very dark brown, it is no different from black, don’t choose a black pen, too dark and heavy eyebrows will not only steal the brilliance of the eyes but also look weird.

Everyone’s eyebrows grow differently, so it’s important to choose what works best for you. If your eyebrows are incomplete and the eyebrows are sparse, then the eyebrow pencil is a better choice. For people with complete and thick eyebrows, it is recommended to choose eyebrow powder, which can make your eyebrows softer.