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What brush to use for concealer when we apply our makeup? Makeup brushes are a very necessary tool for using various beauty products, and they are available in natural and artificial fibers, and we need to use different types of brushes according to the purpose. There are many different types of makeup brushes, including eye shadow brushes, foundation brushes, blush brushes, and so on. And each type of brush has more subdivided functions and uses, which makes makeup beginners feel more confused and bewildered.

When we want to use concealer products to cover up the blemishes on our face, we have to pick the right concealer brush. So, what brush to use for concealer?

What does the concealer brush look like?

Concealer brushes generally have a flat, thin and wide brush head, but there are also concealer brushes with short, rounded bristles. The concealer brush allows for more natural coverage, close to the skin, and precise coverage.

A concealer brush is much like a lip brush, but can be distinguished by the length of the bristles. Concealer brush bristles are shorter and stiffer than lip brushes, allowing for accurate concealing of concealer without looking particularly heavy.

Concealer brush materials are available in synthetic fiber bristles and animal hair. The softer and more discrete the brush, the weaker the grip on the powder. It is suitable for smudging or repeatedly needing a small amount of color. The denser and stiffer the bristles, the stronger the grip, and the better for intensification or where color is needed.

Concealer brushes are usually made of animal hair. Concealer brushes made of animal hair are fine bristled, shiny, and very soft, and will feel shiny after makeup application. But it is more expensive. The small round head brush has a weak ability to catch powder and is suitable for concealer transition.

Suggestions for using the concealer brush

The concealer brush should be used according to the actual needs of the concealer, paying attention to the timing of use firstly, and the technique of use at the same time. In the specific use of these steps to grasp the following:

Start with an orange-toned creamy texture concealer around the eyes to cover dark circles, apply to the corners of the eyes and the deepest part of the dark circles, do not apply to the lower face, and smudge naturally with a concealer brush.

In the tear trough area, highlight with a yellow concealer. Use a loosely shaped brush to be able to stain well and without brush marks

Next is the nasal groove and lip area, conceal it with a bright one concealer, this step is patted with fingertips.

After the concealer is done, you can continue with the foundation or air cushion, remember to use a point and shoot approach, the makeup is lighter and finally done to set the makeup is done.

How to clean the concealer brush?

It is important to wash the concealer brush after each use, because grease residue can easily adhere to dirt and breed bacteria, making the brush more and more dirty and harmful to skin health. In addition, concealer brushes are easily contaminated with dust during use, and there is a risk of acne if they are not cleaned and continue to be used.

First of all, wet the head of the concealer brush, and fully moistened.

Pour the brush washing liquid in the palm of your hand, dip the wet concealer brush evenly into the washing liquid and circle in the palm of your hand, in this process, the residual foundation hidden in the brush head will slowly be brushed in the heart of your hand.

Rinse the brush with the bristles, remember, never against the bristles. You can also fill a container with clean water, then put the concealer brush in and stir in a circle to wash the foundation inside.

Squeeze the water out of the brush, then use Tissue to absorb the water, dry the water on the handle and lightly shake it twice. Take a clean Tissue and brush the concealer brush over it to make sure there are no powder marks on the Tissue. If there are still powder marks, repeat the wash again.

After washing, put a clean Tissue on the table, smooth the bristles, put the concealer brush flat on the table, and then dry naturally on it. Never use a hair dryer to save time.

And so on after drying, gently shake, the concealer brush to restore the previous fluffy.


What brush to use for concealer is very vital to create a clean and glowing skin and overall look, and concealer brush selection and cleaning are equally important, we hope the above suggestions will help you.