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  5. Why not use 24 hour brow pencil? Tips to use it!

A 24 hour brow pencil can save us lots of time when re-applying makeup. In our lives, eyebrow pencils are already an indispensable cosmetic when applying makeup. Do you know how we should choose the eyebrow pencils that suit us when buying eyebrow pencils?  

The eyebrow pencil has naturally become the most important makeup tool. Although eyebrow pencils are not expensive, there are so many varieties, ranging from $10-200, that come in different materials like liquid, automatic, fiber… Which one is right for you?

Draw wavy lines on the skin to see how smooth the lines are, whether there are color blocks or broken lines, and the phenomenon of a large gap between shades and colors is a few signs that help us test whether the eyebrow pencil is easy to use.

The eyebrow pencil can be soft, hard, and thick, which can help fill the gap between the eyebrows, suitable for people with sparse eyebrows. The eyebrow powder can be mixed and toned to increase the overall natural effect, which is easy for beginners to use.

How to use 24 hour brow pencil correctly?

In fact, if you want to have a beautiful eyebrow shape, it is most important to choose the eyebrow powder and eyebrow pencil that suits you and fits your eyebrow shape. Dual-ended Hexagonal Chiseled Eyebrow Pencil is a super easy brow-filling and shaping pencil from Perfect Diary.

It is very smooth and easy to use, and the eyebrows that are drawn are definitely well-defined. The color is also very good. And its waterproof function is also very good, so there is no need to worry about smudges and makeup. Its refill is very soft. There is a total of 5 colors for your easy paring with your hair color.

It is a double-ended design, one is the refill and the other is the eyebrow brush. It has a round head, the drawn lines are particularly slender and there is no clumping phenomenon. The pen tip is hard and easy to control, which is more suitable for beginners.

Use the sharp corner of the eyebrow pencil to draw the shape, fill in the eyebrows with the wide side of the eyebrow pencil, and when filling the eyebrows, the eyebrow pencil changes from the wide side to the sharp corners to create a natural and beautiful eyebrow tail, and use the eyebrow brush to brush and smudge the eyebrows naturally.

After drawing the eyebrows with the sharp corners, you can fill in the eyebrows with the flat wide side of the eyebrow pencil. From the beginning of the brow to the end of the brow, press the eyebrow pencil on the brow and fill in the direction of the brow growth.

When filling in the eyebrows to the end of the eyebrows, you need to adjust the eyebrow pencil, gradually changing from a wide face to a sharp corner, so as to make the end of the eyebrows thinner and more natural and beautiful. If you are not quite used to this method of painting, you can also start to fill in the position of the eyebrow peak and then apply it directly with the sharp corner when it is close to the end of the eyebrow, and then adjust it.

Use the brow brush to brush from the edge of the brow to the middle of the brow to smudge the tough and unnatural contours, lighten the brow, and make the skin color and brow have a transition effect.

The trick to drawing natural brows is to use both powder and pencil. The eyebrow powder outlines the eyebrow shape, and the eyebrow pencil modifies the insufficient part. Try to use your own eyebrow shape and the growth of your eyebrows, and your eyebrows can be drawn slightly thicker.

After drawing the brows, use the brush to smudge the brows. The difference in the color of the eyebrow pencil changes according to the intensity of use, and the depth is controllable. It can continuously draw wavy lines with uniform color, with no interruption and no slag on the skin. Dual-ended Hexagonal Chiseled Eyebrow Pencil can be removed with a gentle wipe with a mild makeup remover. It’s a perfect 24 hour brow pencil that will not cause acne between eyebrows due to makeup residue.