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  5. Why do you need a honey brown eyebrow pencil?

Do you prefer a honey brown eyebrow pencil? Regarding the purchase of eyebrow pencils, we should not only look at the shape of the eyebrow pencil tip but also the color of the eyebrow pencil. The color of the eyebrow pencil is related to whether our makeup is decent and harmonious, and choosing the wrong color will lead to the eyebrows.

Some people may say that I would choose dark brown or dark gray eyebrow pencils to be safest. Of course, these colors are very common and versatile colors. But if you can choose a special color that looks good and matches well, it is also very suitable for you!

For example, honey brown or yellow-brown eyebrows look a bit foreign, and they will give people a relatively clean feeling, which is very suitable for people with fair skin or light hair color. If your hair color is similar to light brown hair color such as linen, the eyebrow pencil of this color will not be too dark, but also very pigmented, and the overall look is delicate and clean.

How to choose a honey brown eyebrow pencil?
Let’s say, Perfect Diary’s Dual-ended Hexagonal Chiseled Eyebrow Pencil is a good choice. The appearance is pure black matte texture, white brand name, simple and generous. This eyebrow pencil has a double-ended design, with one eyebrow brush and one eyebrow pencil, and the smudged comb shape is quite convenient. It currently has five colors, which can basically correspond to every hair color.

The tip is the selling point of this eyebrow pencil. It can be seen that the design of the hexagonal cutting surface makes it easy to outline the edges, and the shape of the machete is special. The texture is neither soft nor hard, and it is easy to master, even people who don’t know how to make up can easily draw natural eyebrows.

Many eyebrow pencils on the market are too soft and easy to break when drawing, not smooth, and the texture is easy to agglomerate. In terms of color rendering, it also meets the standard of a good eyebrow pencil – that is, it is not very pigmented.

You may wonder why should buy it for no coloration. In fact, eyebrows are relatively difficult to draw. If the color rendering is too high, you will not have much room for modification. It may be a disaster for people who do not know how to thrush eyebrows, just like a small amount of eye shadow.

In this way, the overall makeup feeling is more soft and foggy, and at the same time, it is easy to draw lines and outlines on the cut surface of its small triangle. Slim enough to draw sketches, it is a very delicate eyebrow pencil.

This honey brown eyebrow pencil is also very easy to use. Use the Dual-ended Hexagonal Chiseled Eyebrow Pencil to draw the outer line from the peak to the end of the brow, moving it gently from the inside to the outside. If you’re worried, it’s easier to draw with a little rewritten short line rather than a single stroke.

Finally, don’t forget to use the brow brush to smudge the outer edge line. Use the eyebrow brush to brush the upper edge of the eyebrows, along the direction from the brow, the brow peak to the brow tail, and gently slide it. Do not use too much force, otherwise, the edge line will disappear completely.

After applying makeup, don’t forget to use a makeup setting lotion or loose powder to set your makeup! This eyebrow pencil is waterproof and long-lasting, it can last all day, especially in summer, even if you sweat and get oily, it will not spend. Best of all, it’s also easy to remove and clean when you get home at night.

The color of the eyebrow pencil is determined according to your skin tone and hair color, and it is also selected by many people. Girls with brown hair must not choose pure black eyebrow pencils. If the girl’s hair color is dark brown, but the eyebrow color It is dark black, the whole makeup looks very out of place, the color of the eyebrows is too prominent, and the color of the hair is in two worlds, which is not harmonious and harmonious. So, when buying eyebrow pencils, you can try several colors to find the one that suits you best!