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What to use instead of setting spray when we put on makeup? Makeup setting spray is a makeup product that combines makeup setting and make-up replenishment, oil control and moisture replenishment. Its water mist is very fine, film-forming and its main function is to set makeup. It not only makes our skin look radiant, but also keeps our makeup in a good condition for a long time.

Are there any other products on the market for setting makeup? Of course, there are many, and they have the same excellent setting effect.

Below, I will introduce two other common setting products and how they are used.

Loose Powder

In fact, the original function of loose powder is to finish the face so that the makeup does not come off easily. The loose powder is able to effectively cover the color of the skin, modify the color difference, make the skin color consistent, can also be able to cover spots, etc.

But with the development of modern beauty and cosmetic industry, more and more cosmetic products appear, part of the role of loose powder has changed, that is, into eliminating sweat and grease, but there is still an unchanged role, that is, to improve the overall retention of makeup.

Most people are bothered by the sweat on their bodies when they go out every day, and it is true that the skin is very sticky because of the sebum formed by the sweat glands. However, the emergence of loose powder has changed this situation. Using loose powder in the last step of makeup application can effectively reduce sebum and enhance the makeup, which can make the makeup stay intact for a long time.

What to use instead of setting spray and how to use loose powder?

● First, use a loose powder puff to dip an appropriate amount of loose powder and press it evenly onto the face, taking care not to apply it horizontally or vertically, but by gently pressing it and patting it away.

● Use a loose powder brush to remove excess loose powder from the face, so that the loose powder can better fit the skin, paying special attention to the skin around the nose, because of the special location, easy to jam the powder, so need to pay special attention. When using a loose powder brush, be gentle and brush in the direction of skin pore growth.

● Repeat the above actions until the face is well powdered and the makeup is complete.

Pressed Powder

Pressed Powder is a powder like a piece of cake, usually pressed into a round or square shape, easy to carry, and more suitable for daily make-up use. Some powders can also be used as a foundation if you spray water on a sponge before using it and then dip it into the powder.

It can be used as the first step of a foundation because of its granular shape, which has a certain degree of coverage and can adjust the skin color. It can also be used for final setting and daily touch-ups. And the powder also has a sunscreen effect. However, the powder will look very stiff and heavy if you apply too much of it.

Can pressed powder set my makeup and how?

Pressed powder can be used to set makeup. Powder has multiple effects, and setting makeup is only one of them, powder is divided into dry and wet use, when the powder is used for dry use, it can play the role of setting makeup, when used for wet use, it can play the role of the foundation, a pressed powder can complete the entire makeup.

The precautions for using pressed powder

● Before we use the pressed powder, must complete the skin hydration work. Otherwise, our face will feel dry after using the powder, and the phenomenon of floating powder may even occur in serious cases.

● After using the powder, we must remember to remove makeup, otherwise the ingredients in the cosmetics will block the pores, so that the skin cannot breathe properly. In this way, our pores will become enlarged, and the skin will be rougher.

● The sponge puff of the powder needs to be cleaned regularly, preferably once a week. Otherwise, the increase in bacteria will lead to a series of skin problems and so on.

It’s a wrap

About what to use instead of setting spray, we have loose powder and pressed powder. In addition, many foundations nowadays have a good setting function. We can judge what kind of setting products are more suitable for us according to our daily use.

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