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Have you ever fantasized that an eyeshadow palette that looks like a paint palette? With their dexterous hands and a variety of colors, painters can draw beautiful scenes of the entire world. Makeup is to some extent similar to painting, but the canvas becomes the face, and a colorful eyeshadow palette will give you endless makeup inspiration.

Where can we meet an eyeshadow palette that looks like a paint palette?
As a painter’s palette, this eyeshadow palette must be rich in color so that you can have a changing look as you wish.

Red fox, tiger, red panda… Inspired by animals in the forest, Perfect Diary’s Explore Eyeshadow Palette takes you on an exploration of more eyeshadow makeup possibilities. Nature is the best color painter, animal colors from nature give your eyeshadow a unique wildness and beauty.

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More artistic makeup inspirations
• Dream butterfly eye makeup
First, use a white eyeliner or highlighter to roughly draw a butterfly outline at the end of your eyes, and don’t be too nervous that you can’t finish it at once, if you miss, wipe it off with your finger and draw again, repeated practice to get better.

Then, choose a pink eyeshadow, the white outline just painted pink as the base color of the eyeshadow.

Then, choose a darker purple eyeshadow and outline the butterfly. And use a black eyeliner pencil to outline the entire outermost part of the butterfly once more.

Finally, apply black eyeshadow or dark brown eyeshadow to the inside of the outline just outlined by the black eyeliner and then smudge the color with a brush, followed by the transition and smudge of the eye socket again with the purple eyeshadow you just used.

This creative butterfly eye makeup is as if the painter has painted a lifelike butterfly on the corner of your eyes, making you as charming and light as a butterfly.

• Vintage Pearl Eye Makeup
Start by laying a light earth tone on the eyelids and use it to prime the eyes. Next, smudge the eyelid with a brown color that is one shade darker than the previous step. If you have a single eyelid, just make sure the smudge area can be seen with your eyes open.

Then use the glitter color to highlight in the eyes. The glitter doesn’t have to be too big, it’s enough to have a shimmering effect when you blink.

The next step is to use a dark eyeshadow to draw an eyeliner at the base of the lashes. And use a matte concealer to prime the lower eyelid.

Here, choose an eyeshadow with bigger glitter particles and use a prop like a brush or toothpick to spread it all over the middle of the lower eyelid little by little. Then use fake eyelash glue to glue the pearls in place of the larger sequins.

The last step is to brush on concealer underneath the eyelid, in order to is to make the skin around the eyes appear cleaner so that the eye makeup will look better.

Crystalline pearls dotted on the eyeshadow have a very nice effect, charming and noble, fascinating like an angel stepping on the clouds. It will be a pity not to try this makeup.

• Forest Flower Eye Makeup
First, use pearlescent olive-green eyeshadow to stain the entire upper eyelid extensively, and then layer and smudge a few times in the eye socket to create a gradient effect.

Next, apply a thick coat of light pink pearl eyeshadow on both eyelids. Blend the two eyeshadow colors in the second half of the upper eye. Continue with light pink eyeshadow on the lower eyelid, light at the head of the eye, and widen and deepen the color at the end of the eye.

Then highlight the head of the eye with a light green eyeshadow. After applying eyeliner and false eyelashes, paste flower accessories around the eyes. Thus, a beautiful floral eye makeup is finished.

With an eyeshadow palette that looks like a paint palette, we are able to experiment with more creative makeup possibilities, and the Perfect Diary eyeshadow palette is great for helping you to explore more interesting and amazing inspirations by painting your face as freely as a real painter.