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Do you prefer shadow boxes in bulk? Or do you prefer a palette? Everyone should be familiar with eye shadow. Eye shadow can help us draw perfect eye makeup. There are many colors of eye shadow. But maybe you only use within two-three colors, so buying them separately can be a good choice for you.

Eyeshadow is also an indispensable part of our beauty makeup. It is used to modify the makeup around the eyes. It makes the color and shadow around the eyes more three-dimensional. It makes facial makeup very natural and harmonious. The appearance of eye shadow is roughly powdery, stick, paste, lotion and pencil. It can be divided into cold and warm tones and cool tones.

Appropriate use of eye shadow. It can make your eyes more vivid and the whole makeup look natural. When you paint some special makeup, you will use a lot of eye shadow to highlight the look of your eyes. When you wear makeup in your daily life, try to choose the color you like and match the color of your lipstick and clothing.

Palette or shadow boxes in bulk?

Some people who like to draw eyeshadow every day may love using some different colors to match their looks. Some like you may prefer shadow boxes in bulk since it is more useful and affordable.

But have you ever tried the perfect diary eyeshadow series? It is said that my eye shadows for the past two years were contracted by the perfect diary. When you get the real thing, it’s that kind of emotional feeling, you know? I feel every color is perfect!

All the eyeshadow in five textures, velvet matte, fine pearl, crushed sugar glitter, colored fritillary, and soft waxy pink. I think whether it is a matte texture or a pearlescent texture, the saturation is relatively moderate, and there are several colors with low saturation, so it is not easy for beginners to apply makeup.

The shade may feel a little light compared to some of the ones we usually use, but it’s not dull. Several colors are good-looking with only one color, and will not be superimposed and smudged. People like me who are “handicapped” can close their eyes.

The difficulty of eye makeup application is zero, which is very suitable for daily use. Its eye shadow powder is relatively fine, easy to smudge, and the color rendering is also very good. The pearl eyeshadow is delicate and shimmering, it will not look cheap, and it is better to get started. If you want to try something different, you can try either the Fantasist Eyeshadow Palette or Explorer Eyeshadow Palette, the colors are all safe colors that never go wrong on your eyes.

The usage of our eyeshadow is very simple. Either apply with a brush or use your finger to dab a little eye shadow on the outer corner of the upper eyelid. Gently spread it from the outside to the inside. Both ways work perfectly when coloring. Put the dark eyeshadow near the eyelid and the light eye shadow near the brow bone. You can draw deep and charming eyes like Europeans and Americans. It has a more three-dimensional effect.

You can choose a single color or two colors once a time, it is recommended to use two colors of shades to connect quickly. Longitudinal smudge is a gradient from low to high, suitable for small eyes / inner double narrow eyelid / single eyelid, the double eyelid can also be used, there will be a deep sense of enlarged eyes, very energetic.

If you want to apply double colors eyeshadow makeup, first use a light color to evenly coat the eyelids, and then use a dark color to darken the root of the eyelashes. On the other way, if you only use shadow boxes in bulk, you can apply a single color lightly to the eyelids, and then add a single color to the base of the eyelashes and smudge upwards.

Pros of buying eyeshadow palettes: The colors have been matched, and it is safe to apply makeup in order. The other good point is you can switch freely according to your mood for different colors.