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What is the brilliant effects lip gloss? Is the effect noticeable? Many different types of lip products have appeared on the market, with the general aim of creating the perfect and suitable lip look for us. One of these products that is common but not always fully understood is lip gloss, and its magical effects should be known and used correctly.

About lip gloss:
For cosmetics that people commonly use on their lips, we generally recommend that they apply it directly or layered over other products, with the main purpose of making the mouth shiny and sometimes adding a small amount of color on top of it. It is usually available in liquid or soft solid form, with textures ranging from translucent to solid opaque, and can also come in frosted, shiny, glossy and or metallic textures. We must be careful not to confuse the brilliant effects lip gloss with other products.

Lip glosses are very similar in composition to lipsticks, most notably because they are both a mixture of chemical ingredients such as waxes and pigments. However, the major difference between the two is that lip glosses contain a relatively high percentage of oil and wax components but a relatively low amount of pigments. The most unusual thing about lip gloss is that it exists in various forms yet is used by people in different ways.

For example, it can be contained in a small cylinder that is used with a built-in lip brush. It is also stored in a squeezable soft plastic tube that one can apply with a fingertip or a lip brush.

Basically, the purpose of lip gloss is only to add shine to the lips and not to discolor them. These products are very easy to work with, that is, when applied directly to our lips or by dabbing a little with a lip brush and brushing it on our lips. It is also a more hygienic practice to wash the lip brush regularly.

The brilliant effects in lip gloss:
The main role of lip gloss is to make our lips moist and with a strong sense of dimension after applying colour. This is especially true when we are looking for a special look.

If the texture is different, lipstick is the original and most common type of lipstick, generally solid and with a dryer and harder texture than lip gloss. Lip glosses are generally gel-like. There are also many new products on the market now that are creamy, but when you put them on your lips they immediately become hydrated, which is the biggest difference from lipstick. Lip glosses are viscous liquids or thin creams, rich in various highly moisturizing oils and shimmering ingredients, and they contain few waxes and colour pigments.

Lip gloss is a little more hydrating than lipstick, if not more so, so when you apply it your lips look a little more hydrated and shiny, which makes them appear more defined. However, lip gloss is far less moisturizing than lipstick, and if it’s a lower quality lip gloss, it will not only have no moisturizing effect but will also make your lip moisture evaporate.

However, lipstick is not as effective as lip gloss in terms of lip care and skin feel, which can often make your lips feel dry very quickly, so you must apply lip gloss to moisturize your lips before applying lipstick.

How to use lip gloss:
Lip gloss can actually be used in a number of ways, and different uses will give different results.

The first use is that we can just use lip gloss. Many young girls nowadays are using lip gloss only and not lipstick. The advantage of this is that it is more convenient because even if we apply it in front of a mirror, we are fine. Also, lip glosses by and large don’t look old-fashioned and give the lips a beautiful look without being too overpowering.

The second use is to cover the same colour lipstick with lip gloss. This is because the characteristic of lipstick is that it makes the lips look pure and sophisticated, but the weakness is that it can look dull. So, you can choose a lip gloss in the same colour as the lipstick, which will not detract from the overall character of the look, but at the same time will make the lips more moisturized and fuller.

A third use is to add dimension with the brilliant effects lip gloss. In fact, if you have a lipstick base, your lip gloss doesn’t really have to cover the whole lip, you can just dab it on the centre of your lips. Also, you can choose a lip gloss in a different shade from your lipstick, which may give a magical three-dimensional effect and will look dreamy and soulful.