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Today’s tutorial will introduce what is the best foundation for pakistani skin. When we talk of Pakistani makeup, what’s the first picture that comes to your mind? For me, it is undoubtedly the impressive bridal makeup that is so attractive that no one can take their eyes off the elegant bride. To create beautiful makeup, one of the basic things is to choose an appropriate foundation so that the base makeup can look clean and last long on the whole wedding day.

Well, good base makeup is not only important for bridal makeup, but also every kind of makeup. I think all women are keen on various kinds of cosmetics including some famous brands all over the world. But in previous years, it is difficult for us to buy foreign makeup products because it will cost so much money such as the expensive shipping costs and taxes. Thus normal women can’t afford international cosmetics.

Nowadays, the fast development of online shopping can meet our increasing needs, so we can stay at home and purchase cosmetics on the official website. Then the products that we buy can be delivered to our location. And if you are finding the best foundation for pakistani skin, here I will recommend one foundation that may be suitable for you. It is the High Coverage Liquid Foundation from the Perfect Diary.

This kind of liquid foundation comes with high coverage and smooth texture which can make your makeup last all day. You can apply it, especially when you’re participating in some important activities. And the liquid foundation is enriched with nourishing ingredients such as the Lactobacillus which can enhance your skin’s moisture level and the Breton Pearl Algae that can control the oiliness and soothes skin.

Well, more product detail can be found on the website https://www.perfectdiary.com. However, one kind of foundation has different shades so you have to choose the right shade. If you are a novice, don’t worry. Now I’ll tell you some tips to help you select the best one.

● It is best to test the shades at the junction of the neck and cheeks, and on the chest.
We naturally rub foundation on our face or the back of our hands when picking up it, but that is useless for you to pick out a foundation that really suits your skin tone. When choosing a foundation shade, it is best to try on the sides of the neck where your cheek meets and on the chest because the most natural base makeup is not the same color as the skin on your face, but the same color as your neck. Therefore, the makeup won’t seem to wear a facial mask after finishing it.

● Test three close shades at once.
Don’t try applying them one by one. It is said that a good product can be selected by comparison. The same is true for choosing the right shade of foundation. If you only try one shade at a time, you will feel that each shade seems to be suitable. We recommend trying at least three shades on your skin so that there is a contrast. And you can distinguish what the natural bright, natural or very natural shade is at a glance.

● The selected shade is not universal.
Even if you finally find the perfect shade for your skin, don’t memorize it for the rest of your life. The shade of the base makeup is not the same as the size of the shoes you buy. Moreover, your skin is not always the same color level all year round. It may be a little darker in summer and a little whiter in winter. You can’t see it just by looking in the mirror, but you can see it just at a glance when you apply foundation. The shade may also be a main factor when you find that your base makeup seems to be unsuitable.

If you are Pakistani, you can try the foundation that I’ve recommended to you. And I hope the tips about the choice of the foundation shade can help you. Also, everyone has different textures and preferences, so you can check the website to gain more relevant information and the best foundation for pakistani skin may be found.