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What color brow pencil should I use? It is a question that puzzles many people, especially beginners in makeup. The eyebrow pencil is an essential item in every girl’s cosmetic bag. As good eyebrows can improve the spirit and temperament of a whole person. If you want your eyebrows to be beautiful and spiritual, pay much more attention to the color of brown pencils you use.

What color brow pencil should I use? Solving that problem is the first step to drawing good-looking eyebrows. Here are some suggestions on how to choose the color of eyebrow pencils.

1. Brow pencil color vs hair color

Just remember the principle that the color of eyebrow pencils should be the same as the hair color. If the hair color is yellowish-brown, you can choose a brown brow pencil. If the hair color is black, you can use brow pencils of dark brown, gray, or black. If your hair is dyed quite light, then you can choose a light gray or light brown eyebrow pencil.

2. Brow pencil color vs skin color

The eye makeup is the fishing touch of the whole facial makeup. The eyebrow color should match the skin tone. For people with darker skin color, eyebrow pencils with too light color are not advised to be used. Otherwise, you will look like having no eyebrows. Try to choose a dark brown or gray-black color to make eyebrows easy to identify.

People with light skin color are advised to choose a lighter color brow pencil, such as light brown and light gray. Too deep eyebrow colors will make your eyebrows like two caterpillars on the face.

3. The color of the eyebrow pencil vs the size of the eyes

People with big and round eyes need to choose darker color brown pencils. And the eyebrows can be drawn thicker than usual to be harmonious with the size of the eyes. For people who are with small eyes, brow pencils of lighter color are advised to be used. At the same time, the thinner eyebrow shape will match the eye size.

There are three colors of eyebrow pencils that are used quite often in our daily life. They are black-gray, dark coffee, and light brown. Suggestions are advised below for you to choose one of these three.

Black gray is a color system that is commonly used, and it’s mostly used by Asians. It’s more suitable for girls with white skin and pure black hair. As it belongs to the cool color system, girls with warm yellow skin are not recommended to use it. People with light and incomplete eyebrows can consider it.

Although the dark coffee is a darker color, it contains a warm coffee tone. And it’s lighter and warmer than black gray. This color makes the eyebrow look rich and three-dimensional while not rigid. People with black hair and dark brown hair are strongly recommended to use it.

If the hair is dyed with light color, no matter whether it’s gold, silver, popular pink, or purple, light color eyebrow pencils are advised to match them. Light brown is the most matching color with these special hair colors. It will not steal the spotlight from your hair, but also make a good transition between your face and hair.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to using brow pencils. On the one hand, eyebrow pencils can draw eyebrows and describe the outline clearly. It’s also suitable for makeup touch up. Brow pencils can also be used to adjust the shape of eyebrows and complete eyebrows.

On the other hand, brow pencils also have disadvantages. The eyebrows painted with brow pencils will look stiff. Moreover, it contains wax, which may lead to makeup taken off in a high-temperature environment. When we use a brow pencil, just pay attention that it should not paint longer than the original eyebrows.

What color brow pencil should I use? A conclusion will be summarized or you to refer to. People with white skin and natural hair color can choose black gray brow pencils. If the hair color is flax, then choose light brown pencils. People with yellow skin and natural hair color should use dark brown pencils. If the hair color is flax, then choose light brown.