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Looking for the best fall eyeshadow palettes? In the blink of an eye, it is already autumn, and the tones of leaves and warm yellow are full of atmosphere, so are you ready for autumn makeup? Red tea makeup and maple leaf makeup are more popular in autumn. These makeup looks have a common core, which is gentle and advanced.

In autumn and winter, it is often drier. The skin condition is also prone to dryness and acne breakouts. When applying makeup, peeling and powder sticking will affect the entire makeup surface. Therefore, daily skin care and hydration are the foundation. Hydrating the skin is the key to keeping the skin healthy. in a relatively stable state.

The gentle effect of autumn makeup depends on eye makeup to present a good eye makeup that can reflect enough atmosphere. Autumn healing makeup emphasizes the sense of atmosphere. It is recommended to choose soft and textured earth colors, warm browns, oranges, caramel colors, or soft bean paste colors, which are more suitable for the sense of scope in autumn. Now, let us introduce some fall makeup for you to light up yourself.

Create unique makeup looks with the best fall eyeshadow palettes

First, use a slightly lighter earth-colored eye shadow to smudge the eye area in a large range to highlight the contour, and try to be as neat as possible to avoid the feeling of dirty makeup. The second part uses a darker brown to deepen the triangular area at the end of the eyes, which will make the eyes appear more profound so that the warm atmosphere of autumn can already be shown.

Finally, take a few brighter colors and brighten them a little above the end of the eyes, which perfectly creates a sense of autumn atmosphere. Another point that needs to be added is that extra attention should be paid to the fact that the pearlescent light should not be too strong, and the matte light is more gentle.

Here you can consider the perfect diary Explorer Eyeshadow Palettes, one of the best fall eyeshadow palettes in which the color application of the fox is very in line with the retro and autumn charm. To create a sense of autumn atmosphere, the correct need is softness and restraint.

The slightly brown tone reveals an atmosphere and comfort, mixed with gentleness, not bright and prominent but can be contrasted Combined with eye makeup of the same tone, it shows a healing atmosphere.

The whole set of cinnamon brown tones on the upper body, with some smoky rose colors, the tone that is light to almost nothing, but not enough, can create a very deep and exploratory temperament of a mature girl. The eye makeup is to add some red tones to the brown tones to deepen the end of the eyes, which can echo with the lipstick. The position of the upper eyelid is directly covered with a large area of the metallic bright powder.

The eyeliner is also a natural and soft brown, which is in line with the overall gentle atmosphere of the makeup. Eyelashes are a small trick to enlarge your eyes. Be sure to curl them before applying mascara, so the effect will be better. After the eye makeup is done, it is other small details besides eye makeup. For example, it is best to use natural eyebrows and wild eyebrows as the main eyebrows, and the peaks of the eyebrows should not be too obvious. The red doesn’t need to be emphasized too obviously, just a little bit of color is fine.

Fall is more suitable for orange; bean paste color lip makeup. Autumn lip makeup is recommended to be lighter, which can highlight delicate eye makeup. Before applying lipstick, first, use a lip primer to cover up the original dark lip color. If the girl has a very light solid color, there is no need to use lip concealer. After applying concealer, apply lipstick with a lip brush. Start with the middle, then slowly transition to the lips.

You can apply the Rouge Intense Velvet Slim Lipstick to your lips. Color: L16 Rare Pumpkin is a good choice for the coming fall, the color is very charming and unique while the texture is smooth and full. Do not have the drying-out problem of traditional matte lipsticks, this lipstick is moisturizing.