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The neon eye makeup looks of the protagonists of the TV series “Euphoria” is extremely beautiful. This summer, more and more people are choosing makeup products in neon colors. Fluorescent pink barbie lips, bright orange manicures, fruity green eyeliners, etc. are matched to create a different beauty.

Makeup is the same as choosing clothes, and a reasonable match will make it look more coordinated. If you can’t highlight the heaviness of your makeup, just use heavy-color makeup to cover it up repeatedly, and layering can make your facial features look delicate and three-dimensional.

Bright, highly saturated neon colors show the bohemian youth of the era. “Being fearless” is the purpose of their life. No matter how deviant they are in the eyes of others, they still have to show themselves without hesitation. This kind of neon makeup looks with special attention to eye shadow smudge.

Whether it’s going out to exercise or going to the bar to dance, neon makeup is more and more tricky now. In addition to eye makeup, neon lipstick is also super beautiful and can play a lot of different tricks. Sexy pink, fashionable sapphire blue, bright orange… all add a youthful and trendy flavor to the ordinary earth eye makeup.

Luminous pigments are also added to many fluorescent eye makeup products, which can glow in the dark. If you are interested in playing some neon eye makeup, let’s get started!

How to apply neon eye makeup looks

First of all, the eyeshadow is very important. Three-color eye makeup is the simplest kind of neon contrast color. There is no smudge and transition in several colors, but obvious color collision to form a sense of conflict. Express yourself with colorful eye makeup, no matter what gender role you are.

Use a single-color eye shadow with strong colors, such as pink, peach, and red to smudge the entire eye socket. The biggest highlight of eye makeup is to match the eyelid crease with strongly contoured sequins or use white eyeliner. In this case, try our Perfect Diary’s universally flattering eye shadows, the colors are bold, unique, and dreamy. Comes in a range of novel and blendable shades in matte, pearlized, soft, shimmering, and metallic finishes.

First use light pink eyeshadow to smudge the front 1/2 of the eyelid, then use blue eyeshadow to smudge the back 1/2 of the eyelid, deepen the back 1/2 of the lower eyelid, and draw it in front of the lower eyelid with the tear wave. After /2, add some glitter. Delicate pearlescent with fairy spirit, easy to grasp the fragile feeling of girls.

In addition to playing with color matching, a lot of contrasting colors, and bold color matching, neon eye makeup looks also need a lot of diamonds and broken diamonds. Various colors are matched with makeup and clothing, and they are attached to the ends of the eyes, around the eyes, the whole face, and the eyebrows and hair. Post it where it shines, you can post it anywhere! These bling elements can make eye makeup more exaggerated.

A lot of gold foil sequins are attached to the end of the eyes and the eyebrows, and the overall look is sparkling. Rose gold liquid highlighter from brow to under eyelid, you’re a walking party ball. For example, in Maddy’s makeup, you can imitate her painting method. Wrap the eye shadow around the eye shadow with diamonds, posted the shape of the eyes on the top, more coquettish and charming.

In addition to eye shadow, you can choose eyeliner that you use less often. For example, white, red, and royal blue eyeliners, we usually use less. But it looks great with neon makeup.

Different from the restraint and calmness in the general direction of autumn and winter makeup, this exaggerated eye makeup is a bold and innovative color system with high saturation and high contrast. With the combination of splicing rules, it is easier to release the fullness of spring. If you are an energetic girl, you might as well try this match.

If you want a more party look, consider adding other elements as well. For example, gold foil, lasers, and metals, which are completely irrelevant to “every day”, are brought together in the eye. How cool would it be?