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Do you love neutral pink eye makeup? Pink has always been loved by girls. It looks a little bit sexy and is very versatile. There are many ways to paint pink eye makeup, some of which look beautiful but are very complicated. In fact, if you want to pursue a natural makeup effect, then the painting method is not difficult!

As eyes become a very important part of makeup. Drawing a good-looking eyeshadow can make the eyes more agile. A good eyeshadow palette is essential, and it needs to be able to pass the test in terms of color and performance: long-lasting and easy coloring.

How to draw neutral pink eye makeup?

The weekend is a good day for dating, and you need makeup to add points to your sweetness. If you don’t know how to make up for a date, don’t miss this tutorial. Today, I will bring you sweet pink eye makeup, which will add points to you and double your charm on the date day.

Creating “effective eye makeup” is inseparable from excellent eyeshadow. First, you can use Perfect Diary’s Explorer Eyeshadow Palette 10 Fancy Carp. This eyeshadow is the newly launched animal series – Goldfish. It has a very pink and spring feeling, and it is also very suitable for women with neutral or natural styles.

First of all, the design of its inner box is a very simple twelve-space box, with a small mirror, and there is no special treatment. Some of the eyeshadows are embossed, which is quite special and feels so delicate. The color of this palette of eyeshadows basically includes different shades of pink and beige, from earth tones to wine reds to oranges, each of which can be unique.

 And the powder is pressed very delicately, the touch is silky and not dry, but there will be no flying powder. With a light swipe of the brush, the entire brush head is covered with fine powder particles. There will not be a lot of falling powder after knocking, and it feels like a good balance of the grabbing effect.

This eyeshadow palette has rich colors, so you can create different shapes! For daily makeup or those who are new to eye makeup, you can choose earth colors, which are easy to master, or use monochrome, which is more natural and fresher. To apply heavy makeup or to highlight eye makeup, multi-color matching is required, but the principle to follow is to lighten first and then darken, smudge first and then color.

The advantage of the multi-color eyeshadow palette is that it can have a variety of different eye makeup combinations. The above is the effect of using only black tea eyeshadow on the eyes. It is simple and neat and suitable for work makeup. There is no complicated technique, just apply the double eyelids and smudge it several times. Can’t wait to try it? Let’s learn this simple neutral pink eye makeup look together!

Stpe1: First apply light pink LEAPING FISH eyeshadow on a large area of the eye socket and smudge it. Step2: You can use WATER LILY of one dark color to apply on the double eyelid crease area and under the end of the eye to draw a layered eyeshadow. 

Step3: Apply light white pearlescent WAVE eyeshadow to the middle and lower eyelids above the eyes to brighten. This color has a bit of a polarizing feel to it. It looks very shiny and feels grainy, but it is natural and not greasy on the skin.

Step4: Draw a brown upper eyeliner, the end of the eye is elongated and raised. Finally, don’t forget to curl the upper eyelash curler and apply mascara to make the eyelashes thicker and more curled. If you want your eyes to be more natural, you don’t need to put on false eyelashes. If the eyelashes are sparse and not enough, you can choose natural false eyelashes, so that your eyes will look better.

If you want to be more feminine, you can also do multi-color collocations. For example, use LEAPING FISH to base the upper eye area, ROSY SUNSET to deepen the root of the eyelashes, then use BUBBLES to superimpose the upper eye corner, and finally use KNOCK ON WOOD to draw the tail of the eyeliner. Relatively speaking, this makeup look is more refined, with natural and generous tones, and it is highly recommended for more formal occasions like weddings, meetings, etc.