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When to use setting powder, how to use them, where to use them and how much to use them. If these questions occasionally visit your mind, you must read this article, where we will cover everything you need to know.

Makeup is one of the most loved aspects of people. For some, it becomes a hobby; for the rest, it’s a necessity in their profession. Newbies or makeup pros, there is no way that they won’t know or use the setting powders, one of the most common cosmetics powders in use by us. You will find them in purses, makeup kits, professional gear, and more. 

Setting means Holding your makeup

As the name suggests, this cosmetic is used to “set” your makeup, keeping it at its intended place and flawless. And do these two things for a much more extended period, meaning a cosmetic that will ensure that you stay in your makeup at night as it was in the early morning. This powder cloaks up on one’s skin like an invisible layer and guards the entire makeup while keeping it intact all day. 

When to use setting powder? It can be used after applying any liquid cosmetic like foundation, concealers, or face creams and can do its thing on them. They are made in two compositions, loose and pressed. Loosed ones are made in a fine and soft powdery formula, while the pressed is literally pressed and are often in a small cosmetic pan. 

They are also available in the market in tinted and translucent types. The first one is made in different colors and has different tints to the face. The second one is a natural and universal setting powder that suits all skin tones and is the easiest to learn using them.  

How and When to use setting powder

1. It gives your makeup a smooth and even canvas so that it won’t become something that deviates from the look it was intended to get.

2. Setting powders are best known for their prime purpose; the setting powers so that the makeup will last much longer with significantly increased wear time.

3. Best serves people with oily skin who get a matte finish with setting powders and hides any oily shines thanks to its ingredients like silica or corn starch. People with dry skin can opt for setting powders with added hydrating agents.

4. It Can help to smoothen and hide large pores thanks to its pore-minimizing formula. 

How to Use Setting Powder

1. Always wash, clean, and hydrate your face before applying setting powders.

2. We recommend using a precise brush to apply setting powder on your face, which is usually large and rounded or can be used with a smaller one too.

3. Loose Setting Powder: Put some of your setting powder in a separate lid or small container, place it inside the powder and properly tap off to remove excess. Gently apply in circular strokes. Looking for a loose powder that will satisfy you? Try our recommendation Translucent Blurring Loose Powder from Perfect Diary. You will love it.

4. Pressed Setting Powder: When using them, always dip the brush directly on the pan, tap it and then apply it on the skin. Silky Featherweight Pressed Powder is the one to go for if you are going to invest in pressed powders.

5. Continue with the rest of the makeup, i.e., eye makeup, lipsticks, and everything in between. 

5. Finish off the look with translucent setting powder; you are all set with a fluffy and set* look that will last much longer.

Things to remember for Setting Powders:

1. It can be used as a standalone cosmetic to absorb oil and provide a smoother look and is highly recommended for people with naturally oily skin, especially on T-zone.

2.No budget pro-setting powder? Use your good old fashion setting spray instead. It’s not equivalent to setting powder, but it will still help keep your wear time high. No setting powder too? Then try using a very thin layer of baby powder, which has cornstarch in it. 

3. It cannot conceal skin imperfections.