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Cool toned eyeshadow palette is a must-have item for every olive skin girl. Eye makeup can best reflect whether your makeup is delicate or stunning. The cool eye shadows contain brown, blue, gray, purple, and silver. You will find them available in the market easily.

When you are indoors, look at your skin, you will find that it looks very dull and yellow-green, but when you go outside and there is sunlight, you will find that your skin is special white, especially translucent, then you have a high probability of olive skin.

When it comes to a cool toned eyeshadow palette for olive skin, many people may first think of pink and purple. However, in autumn and winter, applying pink and purple eye shadow is not that stunning. And it is difficult to match with lipstick and clothes.

There are many kinds of eye shadow colors, which are divided into cool colors and warm colors. For example, the colors red and orange show activity and youth, and there is a kind of youth after smearing. However, the olive skin people will look like a mess if they wear such eyeshadow.

The earth-colored eyeshadow that can be used for olive skin must be a cool tone, a Morandi tone. Cool-colored eyeshadow is also more popular among office ladies and cool chic. They usually choose these colors to match their clothes when applying makeup.

The rose-purple color of eye shadow is stunning on the eyes. It is very simple to make eye shadows of this color, just use rose-purple as the main color. If you have double eyelid friends, apply eye shadow on the double eyelid, remember to close your eyes, and try not to exceed the part outside the double eyelid. After applying it, open your eyes to see the effect, remember to apply it evenly. Just apply a matte eyeshadow on the lids, and choose a preadolescent eyeshadow below.

The second color is silver-gray, which is more suitable for mature friends. This color is generally smeared with four colors superimposed. Available in white, light brown, and dark brown. White eyeshadow is for the base, only light brown and dark brown around the eye area.

Use dark brown eyeshadow for the double eyelid area, and light brown for the area outside the double eyelid. After I feel that the color fusion is almost the same, I apply silver-gray pearl eye shadow on the double eyelid position, which is very beautiful.

Gray and black are the favorite colors of supermodels. Many models like to use gray eye shadows for posters or fashion magazines. And gray has a strong sense of coldness, which is also a good choice for playing cool. People know you are the woman that they can’t be messed with!

The above colors are all available in our cool toned eyeshadow palette. You can try all these colors all at once. And then you will find out your most suitable color!

Which eyeshadow color do you guys prefer? To some friends who don’t wear makeup very often, this eyeshadow may seem indistinguishable. But friends who often make up must know that when the color of the eye shadow is a little bit different, the feeling of the whole face changes. Applying eye shadow is a step in the makeup process that is easier to learn but difficult to learn well. Many friends feel deeply about this. Are you envious of those makeup masters?

When the fall comes, cool-colored clothing and make-up have become the mainstream. People who don’t like the exaggeration of bright colors can just use cool colors to reflect the texture they want. Here is how you can apply a cool-colored eyeshadow.

1. Beige eye shadow is used as a primer on the upper and lower eyelids.

2. The dark gray eye shadows are smudged from the head and tail of the eyes to the middle.

3. The gray at the end of the eye should be properly strengthened to make the eye shadow layered.

4. Brighten the lower eyelid with off-white eye shadow.

5. Draw a black slightly elongated upper eyeliner. You only need to draw the first half of the lower lash line.

6. Use gray eye shadow to smudge the middle and back of the lower eyelid instead of the eyeliner to deepen the contour of the eye.