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Lip stain vs lipstick, which one will you choose? Select one of them or both of them to make yourself a film star! Lip stain is characterized by moistening, luster and easy to apply. The texture of the lip stain is thicker than lipstick, which can well cover lip lines and make your lip color more even. Lip stain product is usually tube body, equipped with a sponge head lip brush for makeup.

Lip stain not only has a good color effect, but also has a certain amount of moisture effect on lips, and your lips after makeup will be moister and fuller. Lip stain usually has two kinds of texture, including matte texture and mirror texture, their makeup effect are different too.

Compared with mirror texture, the covering force of matte lip stain is stronger. Matte lip stain can create a so-called “fog surface” effect, and it will make you look more mature, which is suitable for gentle lady, office lady. Mirror lip stain can bring the luster of crystal glass with colors of pink, tender and elegant, which is suitable for young women’s dating makeup, fresh makeup, nude makeup, light makeup and other different makeup styles.

How to use lip stain?
Before applying lip stain, the most important thing you need to do is lip care. First of all, add some lip balm to your lips, then choose the lip stain shape that you want, then dip a little lip stain with sponge brush. If you dip too much lip stain by accident, you can put it on the edge of the lip stain tube and scrape it off slightly.

Then, you can use sponge brush head to apply the lip stain on your lips, and then use your finger to apply the lip stain. Remember, do not make the lip stain even by compressing your lips, and do not use brush or other tools to smear lip stain, because our fingers are warm, using it to apply the lip stain can make the color of lip stain more natural, thus the color will be more saturated and more lasting.

After that, smear a little lip stain on your lips, and then use your fingers to smear it again. If you like moist lip effect, then the makeup is completed by now. However, if you like matte lip look, you can take out a paper towel and gently sip on it to create a matte finish, which will be more saturated than watery finish.

The choice between lip stain vs lipstick
In the heat of summer, lip stain can create a shimmering effect that make you look energetic. Although some lipsticks have glitter particles, it still not as shiny as lip stain. In autumn and winter, it is more appropriate to use matte lipstick, which will bring a warm feeling.

In different occasions, the choices of lip products vary. When going to an important occasion, lipstick is a good choice to make you look more formal. At the same time, lip stain is more suitable for dating, party, travel and other more casual occasions.

In addition, the thickness of everyone’s lips is not the same, girls with thick lips are not recommended to try lip stain, because lip stain will make your lips appear thicker. If you want to make your lips thinner, use a lip concealer first and then apply lipstick to create the desired thickness.

However, the above suggestions are not absolute, because the color and texture of the two products overlap. Whether you use lipstick or lip stain, you can create a fresh makeup, as well as a gorgeous queen makeup, so the most important thing is to see which product you are more comfortable with.

Tips of using lip stain vs lipstick
Lip stain can be applied directly on your lips, as most lip stains have their own lip brush. Lipstick, on the other hand, requires a layer of lip balm before use to remove dead skin and provide a base for the lipstick to keep your lip skin moist.

In all, no matter which lip product you use, the first thing always to take good care of your lips. Only have healthy lips can we create a variety of fantastic makeup.