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Is blush and highlighter the same thing? Let us help you out! The blush and highlight positions are close, but there are differences. Some people may think that this is a mistake, obviously, the colors are different. But with different makeup needs, sometimes the highlights will be made into other colors.

When applying makeup, we will use shadows, blushes, and highlights. The shadows should be painted first, and their position is the cheekbones. After applying the shadows, a blush is applied. The blush is placed on the upper part of the shadows and then applied. Highlights, where the highlights should be applied on top of the blush, so the positions of these three products are similar but superimposed.

Is blush and highlighter the same thing or not when we apply them? The positions of blush and highlighter are different, because the highlight needs to be applied on top of the blush, and the blush needs to be applied on top of the shadow, so the location is slightly different. When blush and highlights are used together, blush is used first and then highlights as it makes the face more complex. While highlights make the face more three-dimensional, and it has the effect of brightening the skin tone.

Simply put, different colors of blush can also create different styles. Some blushes contain pearlescent light. When you apply them to your face, they will not only make you look more complex but also make your skin look more translucent. Why should I use blush first and then highlight? This is to prevent the blush from blocking the shine of the highlights.

The position of applying blush is from the cheekbones to the temples, and the position of highlights is the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, and browbones. Blush is to create a healthy and rosy complexion, and highlights are to make the facial features more three-dimensional and modify the face shape.  

Is blush and highlighter the same thing? You know they are not now. Highlights, as the name suggests, mean that the smeared area looks more obvious. It should be used with shadows. The function of shadows is to make the smeared areas look more distant or inconspicuous. The combination of the two can make the facial features more three-dimensional.

For example, some Asian women have relatively flat facial features and use highlights and shadows to deepen the three-dimensional sense of the five senses. Generally, the highlights are applied to the brow bone, the bridge of the nose, and the cheekbones, and then the shadow is applied to the cheeks near the ears and the forehead. Close to the hair on both sides, use the brush to evenly transition, which will make the face appear thinner and deeper, and the facial features will be more three-dimensional.

Using highlights can make your face look more three-dimensional. Apply it on the bridge of the nose and the apple muscle to make the bridge of the nose appear taller and the apple muscle will become more beautiful, just like your face is swollen. Using a good highlighter can create even better results than using hyaluronic acid.

Star Dust Diamond Highlight Powder is a highlighter that can help you create a 3D face shape. First of all, this product is a compact and practical portable design, making it an indispensable item for all ladies every time they go out!

02 The warm color of champagne gold is both every day and not picky! It looks like a sparkling lake under natural light, the gloss is not bad, and the makeup is very transparent! The texture is also the soft and waxy mashed potato texture that everyone likes. It has excellent ductility on the skin and almost no pores! Under daily light, it is a delicate and natural clear makeup effect. It can also be combined with blush and eye shadow at ordinary times to add a little caution to the makeup.

It can be easily blurred with fingers and brushes, but if the skin itself is relatively dry, it is best to moisturize before makeup, otherwise, it may show pores a little under natural light. If you are going to a party, it is recommended to layer multiple times! Combined with its spotlight effect under the flash, it is difficult not to stand out in the annual meeting photo!