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Have you tried a bright color eyeshadow palette? The reason why many people don’t like eye makeup is that they are at a loss in the face of many color numbers. They feel dazzled when looking at it, and they don’t know which kind of eyelids is suitable for them. But as long as you distinguish the role of various eye shadows and find the appropriate eye shadow painting method, you can find your unique makeup!

To put it simply, let’s first understand the role of each color on the eye shadow palette. First of all, the most important background color: the lightest color in the eye shadow plate, matte texture, is widely spread in the eye socket bone, which is used to dry the eyelids and make the follow-up eye shadow more colorful.

Secondly, it is the transition color: the color weight is now between the eyeliner color and the brightening color, which can make the transition of dark and light colors more natural. The eye socket color is generally grayish brown, and the eye socket position is also used to deepen the eye contour.

The brightening color is the brightest on the eye shadow plate. As a small area of local use, it can be used at the eyelid position above the center of the eye, or at the eye head, eye tail, and bottom eyelids, which can make the eye makeup look more three-dimensional.

Rosy eye makeup tutorial of bright color eyeshadow palette
From the above, believe you have an understanding of the eyeshadow palettes. Right now, we can give you some tutorials so you can understand them more clearly, and can try to put on your makeup as well!

For example, we now use the Explorer Eyeshadow Palette, the perfect diary animal eye shadow palette to demonstrate. This eye shadow item can meet most of the girls’ makeup. Whether it’s for a date, work, or dancing at a party, you can switch between different styles on different occasions.

The overall tone of the Explorer Eyeshadow Palette is a classic red brown+gold flash color, which is rich and profound. After being applied, the whole eye makeup looks rich and noble. You can find that it can paint a lot of makeup that still looks good after a careful color test.

First, let’s try gradual eye shadow painting. This method is more natural than simply using different shades of eye shadow. It is also richer in color expression, and can also play a role in eliminating eyelid edema. The first step is to take the earth color of FUR as the base color, and then lay a layer of the CAVE under the eyelids closest to the eyelashes with a brush.

Then, apply the VULPES color next to the eyelids on the top of the CAVE. This color can reduce the swelling of the eyelids and make the eyes appear deep. After the halo dye is finished, we take the color TONGUE as the top color of the eyelids to transition, so you can draw three layers of rose-colored eye shadow with gradual colors.

Finally, you can make your eye makeup more layered, generally, brighten it with sequins, or use the pearlescent eye shadow that comes with this eye shadow plate. Here you can try TRAP or GRAVEL. The former is silver pearl, which can brighten up the rosy makeup of eyelids. You can also try the GRAVEL in the back. The pearlescent brightening in the same color can make the eye makeup more profound and charming. After brightening, apply mascara to paint a perfect makeup!

The pearlescent colors you just used are super shiny! And it is not that kind of pompous flash. It is so beautiful to use it to brighten the eyes. The powder is also very fine and pressed very tightly with long-lasting durability. This is the advantage of all eye shadow palettes from the Perfect Diary.

Painting bright eye makeup in summer not only makes the whole person look bright and energetic but also can match the dress well. Just now, the above-mentioned makeup is for rosy bright eye shadow. The same method can also be applied to yellow, green, or light blue bright color eyeshadow palettes.