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Before we talk about how to use paddle foundation brush, I believe that beauties have encountered a problem, that is, even if they have a good foundation, but the makeup effect is always unsatisfactory, then we should consider whether their own makeup tools are good and suitable for their own, so it is important to understand what the advantages of the paddle foundation brush, what are the differences between different types and how to use it. So please follow me to learn more about it in detail!

What is the difference between the different brush heads?
1. The flat brush head is so dense that it can reach some hard-to-reach locations on the face, but the strength and angle of the brush is not easy to grasp for novices, so if the brush is not good, there may be obvious brush marks. And the brush head needs to be suitable with the thin texture of the foundation.

2. Flat head bristles are more dense and large contact area, so it is easy to cover the pores and not easy to produce no brush marks, which is very suitable for newcomers. This brush head is suitable for use with foundations that are thick in texture.

3. The round-headed brush has a large and fast makeup area, and it has strong coverage and longevity. But newcomers are prone to heavy makeup if they’re not careful. The brush head is suitable for use with thick foundations.

1. Not getting your hands dirty is the main reason why some people use a foundation brush. Whether you use your fingers or a puff, foundation will inevitably get on your fingers, but if you use a foundation brush, you won’t have to worry about that.

2. The brush itself does not absorb the foundation, so when it is applied to the skin with good skin texture on the outer edge of the face, the remaining foundation on the brush is just enough to cover the skin thinly, so that the makeup effect is still very soft and natural. If you want to be more economical with foundation, spray the brush with water before dipping it, so that the brush absorbs less extra foundation.

3. Use a foundation brush for better results, because once you get comfortable with it, there’s little to fault in its application, and you’ll have a thin, even finish with hydrated skin. Over time, you will be inseparable from the paddle foundation brushes!

How to use paddle foundation brush?
The first step is to wash your face before we use the foundation brush and then apply a good water and milk, and then apply sunscreen. Many people always appear to use foundation after the floating powder and then quickly off the makeup situation, this is because there is no water milk relationship, which will keep our skin hydrated not dry, then naturally will not take off the makeup card powder.

The second step is to then squeeze out the right amount of foundation on the back of your hand, and then use half of the brush face to dip the foundation first in various locations on the face, but the other half of the brush face do not dip the powder.

The third step is to use the brush surface just dipped in powder to gently brush the foundation away, if you find that the concealer effect is not satisfactory, you can repeat the second step, then use the other half of the clean brush surface to touch up the makeup, which makes the makeup effect more natural and posture.

With the above, we can clearly understand what the advantages of this paddle foundation brush are, what the differences are between the different types and how to use paddle foundation brush. There are many ways to become pretty, we must learn to make good use of various tools and techniques to help us make the most suitable makeup according to different situations, but also to improve their self-confidence.

As a new user, it is necessary to know these in order to make less mistakes when applying makeup and to know better. If you are interested, you can search for more information on our official website.