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Struggling to buy the best waterproof waterline eyeliner? People who like to paint eye makeup know that eyeliner pot is very suitable for smoking makeup because it is a cream with moderate texture and very full color. It is easier to operate than eyeliner pen, and it is more comfortable to touch. The disadvantage is that it is not very oil-proof or waterproof. Once you cry, you may have two black tears. Also, it is not convenient to carry around, nor is it suitable for daily use.

On the contrary, liquid eyeliner pens and gel pens are most suitable for daily use by the public. They are soft and delicate in texture. The touch of the painting is very smooth, and the water flows smoothly. And pen-like cosmetics are easy to carry when you go out. The liquid eyeliner can be shaped in one stroke, and the color is full enough. It is easy to remove makeup with general makeup remover.

In terms of use, liquid eyeliner is easy to control, friendly to everybody. But to many of you, it is still a big headache to find a suitable liquid eyeliner. Today, let’s get this straight!

How to select the best waterproof waterline eyeliner?
In summer, do you just want to go to the seaside, or what? Yes, every summer, girls always finish their makeup and dress up meticulously to take beautiful photos at the seaside, but the point is that every time they touch water, their makeup went off easily.

How can the eyeliner be burnt off!? Once the eyeliner is pasted off, the face will feel dirty, and the eyes will weaken instantly. At this time, you need an extremely waterproof and anti-dizziness eyeliner pen, so that everyone can go to the beach without fear of swimming with electric charm eyes.

Among waterproof eyeliner products, the type of eyeliner is the most important. Different kinds of paintings have different effects. Come on, waterproof eyeliner does not fall off as a selling point, so how to remove makeup well is also a major shopping point! The characteristic of this type is that the tip of the pen is very thin and can draw very fine lines.

If you are looking for an eyeliner that won’t smudge, this type is your best choice! However, this eyeliner does not allow failure. It requires a certain amount of time and experience to make a good stroke.

Instead of choosing ordinary eyeliner products, it’s better to choose waterproof eyeliner products that can last from morning to night to save time and speed! The Slim Long casting Liquid Eyeliner of the Perfect Diary is the most recommended one by beauty bloggers, and bloggers are also using it. “Waterproof and makeup holding” is the biggest advantage of Slim Long lasting Liquid Eyeliner. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing a product if you want to solve the problems of halo dye and eye makeup removal.

This Slim Long lasting Liquid Eyeliner is an extremely thin tip and most novice girls like a thin tip. Because it is easy to control, new learners can’t be wrong to start with this. The soft tip of the pen is smooth and very good for painting. It can draw beautiful eyeliner in one stroke. It is smooth and dries very quickly. After application, it will not fade without tingling. You can say it is very suitable for sweaty girls in summer.

Secondly, this eyeliner pen has a natural sense of makeup, with black and gray colors for you to choose from. A simple eyeliner will make your eyes charming, so no matter what kind of makeup feeling you have, you can satisfy it! In addition, this liquid eyeliner has good oil resistance, and will not appear many black lines or faint on the eyelids because of the oily eyelid! It can be said that this eyeliner is good for makeup and has enough adhesion. It is also recommended to wear it if you love swimming in summer!

In the end, the process of eyeliner painting still requires more practice. If you are still trying to choose a headache, consider the product mentioned above! Sure, you will find the best waterproof waterline eyeliner from Perfect Diary.