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  5. How to nail a Halloween party with the darkest brown lip liner?

Do you see how important the darkest brown lip liner is? The last carnival in October, Halloween, is just around the corner. Is your party makeup ready? Many people also took the opportunity of Halloween to start various big parties, shopping carnivals, make-up parties, ghosts, witches, jack-o-lanterns… Magical girls dancing happily under the stars, stepping on the classic muse Halloween song Attack! Festivities have to be ceremonial.

First of all, I will introduce you to many Halloween clown makeup painting methods that are missing every year. Clown makeup has always been very popular on Halloween. If you want to be cute or funny, this makeup look must be indispensable. The point is that this makeup look is also super easy to operate.

To draw this makeup look, the props you need are also very simple, an eye shadow version, a black eyeliner, and a big red lip glaze! The lips can be slightly darkened, but be careful not to completely cover the mouth.

We can use a lip liner to draw suitable lines on the top and bottom of the eye makeup and both sides of the mouth, and then fill it with lipstick or lip liner. If there is a red eye shadow with high saturation and high color rendering, you can also drop it. Finally, add a touch of red to the nose, and cute and lovely clown makeup is complete.

Another clown makeup is similar to the above, and try to choose a lip liner with high saturation, such as dark red and black, so that the lines run through the exaggerated eye makeup, and the blush is smudged on the cheeks and nose in a large area, which is cute and lovely Feelings show up right away.

Create the Halloween mask makeup with the darkest brown lip liner?

In the past few years, mask makeup has been very popular. It applies red eye shadow to eye makeup in a large area, and the upper and lower eye shadows are fully smudged in place. At the moment, I use sequins to apply a large area of tear marks, and you can add some lip balm, which looks like a watery tear.

First, use the eyebrow pencil to lightly locate the mask on the face, and then use the eyeliner or darkest brown lip liner to accurately outline. Use hairline powder to pounce on one forehead, don’t be afraid of too much, other bloggers also use eyeliner to directly blacken a large area, and the effect is similar.

The underside of the cheeks can also be filled with hairline powder to create a shadow effect, and then the formation of the mask, you can choose a light and dark foundation, but many little sisters do not have foundations with very different colors, so you can add shadow to the “real face” part, a highlighter cream or two more layers of foundation to the “mask fake face” part.

In order to reflect the effect that the mask is worn on the face, we can add matte highlights to the inner part of the “mask line” to brighten and raise the skin. A thin, heavy shadow creates a strong contrast around the edges of the mask markup, making the face really look like it’s wearing a mask.

Skull Jack in “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is also a perennial popular cos object for Halloween! Its most classic logo is its pale face and deep black eye sockets. If you want to transform in an instant, you can only sacrifice your face as a canvas.

First, use isolation as a primer, because the makeup to be used later is relatively heavy, and you must protect your face. Apply white paint to a large area on half of the face to create a “skull face”. Use black eyeliner to outline the eye socket and then blacken the entire eye, and blacken the side of the bridge of the nose.

With the darkest brown lip liner, extending from the corner of the mouth to the base of the ear, it looks more like a “skull” without flesh and blood. Finally, refine the skeleton mouth, and draw a “gap between the teeth” perpendicular to the gap between the lips. The length of the gap between the teeth will gradually grow from the corner of the mouth to the center. The effect will be more realistic.