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The orange and yellow makeup are mixed to create a refreshing and clean makeup effect. The clear and shiny colors create a refreshing and lush feeling. It is especially suitable for dressing up on a date. The use of yellow-toned green nail polish can match the overall makeup look.

Although makeup products come in many colors, when it comes to color selection, most people still choose pink or brown products. If you’re tired of wearing the same color every day, why not try a new color. The lively orange is more suitable for recent weather.

The first thing to do with makeup is to complete a perfect base makeup. Especially for sensitive skin, be sure to do a good job of moisturizing before applying makeup! First, apply a layer of sunscreen, sunscreen must be applied in summer, and then apply a thin layer of isolation cream. The isolation must be used in front of the foundation to better protect the skin from external damage.

There are some girls with small freckles who don’t need to deliberately conceal concealers but keep their original appearance more real and cute, and there will be a feeling of pseudo-no makeup.

How to paint orange and yellow makeup?
When it comes to orange makeup, most people think of words such as vigor, playfulness, and youth. Indeed, orange can always give people a sense of vitality! Let’s see how the orange and yellow makeup steps are. The eyeshadow is the most important part!

Yellow makeup can make the skin look brighter and make the facial contour more natural. There is actually quite a lot of yellow eye makeup, but most of them are orange or brown. Whether it is yellow, orange, or other colors, you can also try it in twos or threes. The layered lip color will also make the whole makeup more delicate!

Create shadow by swiping light brown eyeshadow without glitter onto the eye sockets. Note that the color should not be too dark, you can use the eye shadow brush to gently touch and blur it. Use orange eyeshadow lightly based on the dotted area. After primer, use an eyeshadow brush to naturally blend out the remaining eyeshadow along the direction of the head.

Then use the orange eye shadow based on the eye sockets. Note that the color should not be too dark, apply a shallow layer of primer, and then use an eye shadow brush to naturally blur the remaining eye shadow along the direction of the arrow. Apply yellow eyeshadow in the middle of the upper eyelid to enhance the color. The enhanced eye shadow is centered on the top of the pupil, naturally smudges along the direction of the arrow, and blends naturally with the base eye shadow.

Use golden eyeshadow under the pupil as a highlight, choose a product, the texture of pearl bright color is more important than color, you can also choose a two-color eye shadow that changes with luster.

There are 12 various color options in the Perfect Diary Explorer Eyeshadow Palettes, which can meet the needs of different skin tones. They can be used alone or mixed into your favorite colors, with more contouring and brightening effects, and simply create a natural, soft, layered, and 3D three-dimensional look.

The overall look is very soft, with a shimmering peach undertone and cat-like wink that makes you charming without being too gaudy. The sun-kissed orange eye makeup will make you look vibrant. Let you feel the sunshine when you enter the autumn.

The embellishment of blush is very important, otherwise, the complexion is only white and has no complexion, this makeup must not be missing blush! Since it is an orange-colored vitality makeup, the blush must also be orange, and a light sweep on the cheeks can echo the overall makeup. A sweet blush, infused with a gentle autumnal scent.

Major make-up brands have launched warm orange lipsticks. Such bold high-saturation bright colors make people look individual and fashionable. In the sunny season, you might as well add such a playful vitality to your lips. You can rest assured to try orange lip gloss, the highly saturated orange lips make the whole lips exude a fatal allure. Of course, if the eyeshadow is heavier, you can apply nude color, so that the overall makeup can be matched.