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Do you have one of the best peach toned eyeshadow palettes on hand? Those girls who seem to be able to splash sweet juice when they smile are the “Peach in the World”. Eye makeup is the most expressive part of the overall makeup look. Different makeup techniques are used to create different styles of eye makeup to change the makeup look.

Simple makeup techniques create not simple eye makeup charm, and the sweet smile eye makeup is an eye makeup style that is easy to win favor among the eye makeup types. If you also want to paint a gentler makeup, you may wish to refer to this article!

How to use the best peach toned eyeshadow palettes?
First of all, in terms of eyebrows, here I am using Dual-ended Hexagonal Chiseled Eyebrow Pencil Color: 01 Natural Gray, which is a gray-brown eyebrow pencil. It cleans out natural and non-aggressive flat eyebrows. Pay attention to the frame. We must not draw too solid. Otherwise, the eyebrows will be too rigid.

In the eye makeup part, I will use Master Origin Eyeshadow Palatte, one of the best peach toned eyeshadow palettes I love! First, a large area of fog pink is smeared on the eyelids and the bottom of the eyes, and a small amount is superimposed several times. Gradient from the base of the eyelashes to the outer edge of the eyelid. Full matte eyeshadows are more difficult to smudge and require a little patience.

Bring the eye shadow to the lower eye shadow part, smudge from the back to the front to a natural gradient, the end of the eye can be superimposed several times in a small amount, and the eye shadow part of the end of the eye is connected.

Then use a single-color polarized eye shadow to cover the eye, the front half of the eyelid, and lie down to the point just below the eyeball. Matte off-white to brighten the lying silkworm, we must brighten our lying silkworm, this is the most important step, and then use light brown to outline the shadow of the lying silkworm.

This time I applied it with a brush, which played an embellishing role, and the color would be too saturated with my hands. Finally, apply the upper and lower mascara, and brush the mascara.

A super simple peach pink eye makeup with a beautiful, polarized eyeshadow for a touch of sparkle. Many girls like pink, its enthusiasm, and its gentleness and fashion. As an eye shadow, this eye makeup is more natural and won’t say that you need to attend the stage to paint it. You can also draw to go on a date.

On this basis, you can superimpose other makeup looks of different colors, add glitter, or you can paint your color a bit heavier. If you like a thicker makeup look, this can be controlled by yourself!

For example, outline the eyes with slender pearls and thick black eyeliner. The cleanliness of the first eye makeup, the beige pearl eye shadow brightens the upper and lower eyelids, the black eyeliner shapes the shape of the eyes, and the eyelashes are used as a supporting role, just brush out the root and clear sense. Draw black eyeliner on the inside of the eyelid. Fill the upper eyelid mucous membrane with black eyeliner, and fill in the gaps of the eyelashes carefully, so that the eyes can be naturally full of energy.

If you want to be more natural, bright pink and peach color helps to create a good complexion, and the lip color is brighter. The first choice is peach red or bright pink. Pearlescent strengthens the lip peak, lip gloss strengthens the center of the upper and lower lips and beautifies the lip shape to make the bright lips a highlight. Like I said just now if you emphasize the atmosphere and are strong, you can try berry-colored lipsticks, which are also very feminine!

The light-sensing nude makeup is full of vitality, sunny, and cute. A touch of red eye shadow on the eyes adds warmth to the makeup, and it is playful and a little sexy. In addition, the baby with swollen eyelids can also draw this eye makeup. Be careful not to smudge too much when applying the color eye shadow, grasp the amount, and use a small amount many times, so that it will not be conspicuous and swollen.