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How to apply liquid foundation with a brush? When a maker learner starts using the liquid foundation, it seems to be easy but you may encounter different problems. You may find it hard to prevent creasing. How to pick up the liquid foundation with the right shade for you? What are the differences between a liquid foundation and a cushion foundation? We will tell you the answer and guide you to using liquid foundation.

The liquid foundation is what?

Nobody can ever have flawless skin. Almost all of us have some flaws on our faces. In order to apply delicate makeup, we must use a liquid foundation to even out the skin tone and conceal flaws.

Different types of base makeup exist. The one that is most frequently used is the liquid base makeup. Additionally, there are BB creams, cushion base makeups, and cream foundations. The following are the primary distinctions between liquid foundations and cushion foundations:

First, the packings are different. The packing of the air cushion is similar to a powder while the liquid one is packaged in a bottle with a pressed pump or a squeezed tube. Second, the texture is different. The cushion base makeup tends to be cream. Finally, the makeup techniques you use to apply them are also different. You can apply the liquid directly with your hands but with a powder puff to apply the cream.

How to choose a liquid foundation

You must learn how to choose the base makeup cosmetic that is best for you after learning about the variations between different foundations. Depending on the tone of your skin, you select the appropriate base makeup cosmetic shade.

You can perform the skin match in the offline store if you are unsure of your skin tone. The store clerk will be happy to help you. Additionally, purchasing a base makeup cosmetic in a single shade might not suit your needs. because the environment can affect the hue of your skin. For instance, in the summer, a lighter foundation may be required for the tanned skin tone.

How to apply liquid foundation with a brush?

You can begin learning how to apply base makeup using a brush as soon as you purchase the product. We do not advise applying makeup with your hands because they are filthy and cannot get into the smallest crevices of your face. Make sure to hydrate your skin before applying base makeup.

Then, dab a small amount of the liquid on your nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin. Avoid dotting excessively because it will be difficult to erase. Wipe the liquid from the central face outward with the brush. Aim to distribute it evenly. Use a smaller, puffier brush after the initial coat of base makeup to cover tiny areas.

As for how to apply liquid foundation with a brush in detail. You need to know the functions of different brushes. We have powder brush, concealing brush, lipstick brush, etc. The powder brush is usually for large-area applications. You should also know whether the brush is made of man-made furs or natural.

Based on the materials of the brush, you can decide how often the brush should be cleaned. The natural brush cannot be washed too often. Once a month is adequate. You can clean the man-made brush once a week.

Product recommendations

Here we carefully select several wonderful products for you. High Coverage Liquid Foundation is a terrific product to conceal the blemishes on your face effectively. This is a highly welcomed product in Perfect Diary. It can make your skin glow naturally and present a natural finish.

Galaxy Fantasy Makeup Sponge. Different from traditional brushes, the product is extremely soft and able to reach the small areas of your face. It is multi-purposed. You can use it to apply both liquid foundation and blush.

In a nutshell

We have introduced “how to apply liquid foundation with a brush” and the differences between base makeup tools, and recommend two excellent products picked from Perfect Diary. Applying the base makeup is just the start of wearing makeup. To be experienced, you need to learn eyeshadow makeup, lip makeup, etc.

You may feel daunted in front of so many products and instructions. Don’t worry. It is natural to feel confused at the beginning. You will get more familiar with cosmetics and proficient in wearing makeup.