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How does golden eye makeup look? You may see many female stars wearing all sorts of stunning makeup and want to have a try. Golden eye makeup is one of the most classic eyeshadow makeup looks. If you want to have a try, this article will guide you to have a good start.

The golden color can match well many other colors like crimson, dark green, orange, and so on. The glittering golden eyeshadow makeup can distinguish you from the public at parties or formal occasions. There are different kinds of golden-style makeup.

During holidays, the golden-orange sunset makeup is terrific. On Christmas Day, the golden-green eye makeup caters to the festive atmosphere. Anyway, choosing golden eye makeup as a beginning for a makeup novice is a nice option.

Today, we will guide you to wear a simple while charming golden eye makeup. First and foremost, as always, get your tools prepared including the primer, gold eyeshadow, brown eyeshadow, liquid or pencil eyeliner, mascara, and eyelash curler.

Step 1

Prime your eyelid. Make the color of your eyelid the same as your skin color so that the eye makeup can be better highlighted. Besides, priming the eyelid can keep the eye makeup longer and prevent creasing.

Therefore, as a makeup new learner, you need to know the functions of different primers. For example, we have the hydrating primer that keeps your skin moist and nourishing and the UV primer to prevent your skin from suntan or sunburn. Understanding the functions of each primer can help you better apply the foundation makeup.

Step 2

Apply the base eye makeup with the dark brown eyeshadow from the contour of the eyelid to the central area. Cover the whole eyelid with the base eyeshadow. It is suggested not to apply the gold shadow directly to your eyelid, which will make the eye makeup unnatural.

Step 3

Here comes the main character. Apply the gold eyeshadow to the smaller area of your eyelid, particularly the crease area. The color should not be too shiny or it will not blend well with the dark brown base.

Step 4

Use a smaller eyeshadow brush to strengthen the dark brown shade at the outside corner of your eyelid. Then, repeat the same steps and apply the eyeshadow to the lower eyelid. Finishing these four steps is simple, right? But looking at the mirror, you may feel something is not enough.

Step 5

Here we need the eyeliner and mascara to enhance the black line of your eyes, which can enlarge your eyes and make them look more sparkling. Drawing the eyeliner may be a tricky step. If you find it hard to wear the wing-shaped eyeliner with liquid eyeliner. You can use pencil eyeliner or even the black or dark brown eyeshadow.

After doing the five steps, you can check the golden eye makeup look in the mirror. Apart from knowing and mastering these tips, you also need a set of quality tools. First, you need to know whether you have sensitive skin.

We use cosmetics to cover the imperfections instead of worsening our skin. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the cosmetic ingredients when picking up the product if your skin tends to be dried or oily. You should also carefully choose the eye makeup tools for eyes that are vulnerable. You need to clean the brushes every time before using them.

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All in all

We have introduced how to wear a simple golden eye makeup look and give some suggestions on choosing cosmetics. As the industry develops faster, you need to distinguish the good from the bad among a range of products. No matter what sort of makeup you wear, skin protection always matters the most.