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Mascara for naturally long lashes is desired by many people whose eyelashes are not long and thick enough. Long and thick eyelashes cannot enlarge your eyes, but also can make your eyes look more energetic. The main forms of mascara include solid block, emulsified, and the mainly used colors of mascara are black and brown.

How to pick mascara?
Mascara can be divided into water-soluble, waterproof. Water-soluble mascara can be dissolved in water, and it is easy to remove, but it will become blurred and out of shape when it is soaked in tears or sweat. Water-proof mascara will not be dissolved by water, and it is not easy to separate, but it takes longer time to remove compared with water-soluble mascara.

High-quality mascara should have the following features: firstly, the paste of mascara should be even and delicate, the viscosity should be moderate. Secondly, the mascara should be easy to brush on eyelashes, and does not make eyelashes hard but have a curling effect. Thirdly, after the mascara dries, it should not stick to your lower eyelids, and it is not afraid of being soaked by sweat, tears or rain. Lastly, the mascara needs to have a certain adhesion and firmness, but also easy to remove.

How to use mascara?
Mascara for naturally long lashes is actually quite simple to use, but it takes certain skills to use it well. First of all, you must have a detailed understanding of the mascara you are going to use. Because not all mascaras function the same, some may compress, some may not be practical, and, of course, others take longer to dry, which may affect the already applied eyeshadow.

In addition, it is recommended not to use unfamiliar mascara to avoid dissatisfaction with the effect after use. Moreover, you should understand that repeatedly opening and unplugging mascara will make the makeup more exposed to air and become more dry. Therefore, the use of mascara should be done at one time. After selecting the mascara, start combing the eyelashes. If it is not enough, you can use it again, and comb repeatedly until you are satisfied with your eyelashes.

When applying mascara for naturally long lashes, it should be applied from the root of the eyelashes to the tip of the hair, and the fine hair at the corner of your eye should also be applied. The mascara that is slightly applied to the outside should be wiped off with a cotton swab.

Apply the upper lashes first, then the lower lashes, and then apply a second coat after drying. When brushing on the eyelashes, hold the eyelash brush horizontally and brush from the inside to the outside, keep your eyes down and don’t move. When brushing the lower eyelashes, the mirror should in your head-up position, your chin is retracted inward, and the facial skin is tightened, thus it will be convenient to brush horizontally and vertically.

Mascara application tips
1. If there is a sticky feeling after applying mascara, you can use a tissue to absorb the excess mascara.

2. The eyelash brush should be kept as parallel as possible and avoid pointing the tip of the brush head to your eyes, because this will not only cause clumping of the eyelashes, but also be dangerous.

3. Do not apply mascara on a moving car.

Tips to prevent smearing of mascara for naturally long lashes
Mascara smudges because too much mascara is applied or the eye blinks before it is dry. After brushing the eyelashes, the eyelid will secrete oil due to blinking up and down, so the mascara will smudge. It is recommended that you use waterproof mascara. Generally, mascara with good texture will not smudge. If the smudge is particularly serious, it means that the texture of this mascara is not good, and you can replace it with another mascara.

After applying eye makeup, apply a layer of oil-controlling powder to set the makeup, which can control the oily eyes well and prevent the mascara from smudging. Also, you can apply a layer of transparent anti-smudge eyelash raincoat to prevent smudge from the mascara itself.

How to remove mascara?
1. Take out the cotton pad and eye makeup remover, shake the makeup remover mixed with water and oil, and wet the cotton pad.

2. Put a cotton pad on the eyes for 5-10 seconds, then gently wipe repeatedly.

3. Then take a cotton pad dampened with makeup remover, and gently wipe the root of your eyelashes to ensure removal.