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Does mascara make your eyelashes longer? Who can answer this question? I believe this is an area that confuses many beautiful women, and if we don’t know enough about mascara, it can actually be a barrier to creating beautiful eye makeup.

About mascara:
Mascara is a cosmetic product that is applied to the eyelashes and belongs to the category of makeup cosmetics. Its main function is to color the eyelashes and make our eyelashes look thick, long and curly or to make the shape of the eyelashes look neat and beautiful to enhance the charm of the eyes. Mascara is generally divided into two main categories, waterproof and water-resistant.

Does mascara make your lashes longer? What is the reason? It’s because mascara contains a gel-like powdered plant fiber that sticks to the lashes after application. Because the fine, cohesive powdered plant fibers smear around the eyelashes, they have a lengthening effect on the eyelashes.

Mascara is used to compensate for sparse, short lashes by making them look thicker, longer, curlier and more attractive. The important thing is that it keeps the lashes well defined and not linked together. So when you need to apply a thick coat, apply a thin layer, wait for it to dry then apply a second coat and repeat.

How do I choose?
Mascara is a must-have option in cosmetics. If you want beautiful, lively eyes with long, thin lashes you need a good mascara to create them. So, how do you choose a mascara?

If you have long, sparse lashes, it is crucial to emphasize the length of your lashes by thickening them, so you should choose a voluminous, encrypting mascara that will make your eyes look big and luminous. This mascara should have a thick brush head so that the mascara adheres fully to the comb grooves, making the lashes immediately thicker and denser with one brush, as well as having a distinctive root effect.

In the case of single eyelids or double eyelids with short eyelashes, both cases require a curling and lengthening mascara to make the eyes appear bigger and brighter as not much of the eyelashes are exposed. As for the brush head, a long, straight spiral is best for long, thick lashes.

If you have eyes that are close together, then instead of emphasizing the eyelashes at the head of the eye, focus on the outer corner of the eye, using mascara repeatedly on the outer corner of the eye, especially the upper eyelashes at the outer corner, to give the impression of distance between the eyes.

If you have a more distant eye shape, then this is the eye shape that looks most youthful, so use eyelash adjustments to add maturity and feminine charm. Emphasize the number of lashes in the middle of the eye and on the inner eyelid, both thicker and larger, to give the impression that the distance between the eyes has been brought closer together.

What should I look for when choosing a mascara?
It is important that you choose the right one when it comes to mascara. Firstly, you need to know its ingredients, as some mascaras help the lashes themselves to rebuild and regenerate, making them healthy. Some mascaras, on the other hand, tend to stick to the lashes looking extremely unnatural due to their poor quality. In addition, the quality of the brush also has a big impact.

The brushes used in mascaras marketed as curl mascaras combine two different diameters of fibers in order to apply the mascara evenly to the lashes. The longer diameter fibers allow the tips of the lashes to be clearly visible and give a perfect finish.

One tip is to place a mirror under the eyes, with one’s eye down, and press the brush from the base of the upper eyelid towards the tip of the lashes. Then push the upper lashes upwards, rotating the brush periodically. Don’t use too much mascara in this area or the curled lashes will regain their original shape and will easily stick to the setting powder, making them look like white hairs.

Does this answer your questions clearly now? Does mascara make your eyelashes longer? The obvious answer is yes, so knowing a certain amount of beauty knowledge can better help us to choose the right cosmetics for ourselves.