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Do you prefer a black waterproof eyebrow pencil? Thrashing is the most common makeup technique, and the modified eyebrows look more beautiful. There are various colors of eyebrow pencils, so it is very important to choose a suitable eyebrow pencil. Black should be matched with the color of the hair so that the effect will be the best. So, who is a black eyebrow pencil suitable for?

You can choose gray, dark brown eyebrow pencils. The color of the hair and the eyebrows should not be too different so that the overall makeup will look more harmonious, so when choosing the color of the eyebrow pencil, it is best to choose a color that is close to the color of the hair. But a black eyebrow pencil is not recommended. If your hair is very dark, the color of your eyebrows drawn with black eyebrow pencil will look particularly heavy.

What to replace a black waterproof eyebrow pencil?
Black hair can choose gray eyebrow pencils, gray eyebrow pencils can generally be divided into dark gray and light gray, if your hair is relatively dark, you can choose dark gray, if your hair color is not very dark, then you can choose a lighter shade of light grey. You can choose dark brown eyebrow pencils for yellow and brown hair colors, and dark brown eyebrow pencils for black hair. Brows drawn with a dark brown pencil will look more natural and coordinated.

The dark brown eyebrow pencil is close to the black waterproof eyebrow pencil, but it looks more divine than the black one. Check this new item Dual-ended Hexagonal Chiseled Eyebrow Pencil from Perfect Diary. The drawing effect is perfect! For women with dark skin, it is right to choose a dark brown eyebrow pencil, which can make your skin tone more healthy and natural, thereby enhancing your temperament and facial beauty.

There are two types of eyebrow thrush tools that are currently used: eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder. Whether it is eyebrow pencils or eyebrow powder, they all have clear color distinctions. To summarize these beauty products sold on the market, the colors of eyebrow pencils can be roughly divided into four types: black, gray, light coffee, and chocolate. Although there are only so many colors of eyebrow pencils, they can safely meet the needs of all kinds of makeup users.

Of course, the current hair dyeing technology is relatively mature, and some bleaching techniques have become popular. After bleaching, the hair will be transparent, and the color will be lighter after coloring, so you can dye it in colors such as gray, matcha, and walnut. These colors can be created with light coffee eyebrow pencils, but the colors cannot be completely similar. At this time, we need to use eye shadows, choose eye shadows that are similar to the hair color, and cover and color the eyebrows to make the eyebrow color close to the hair color.

First of all, the position of the eyebrows, eyebrow peaks, and eyebrow tails should be distinguished. Put the Dual-ended Hexagonal Chiseled Eyebrow Pencil vertically next to the nose and the intersection of the eyebrow pencil.

The other end of the eyebrow pencil is placed outside the eyeball, the intersection of the eyebrow and the eyebrow pencil is the eyebrow peak, the other side of the eyebrow pencil is placed on the corner of the eye, and the part that extends to the eyebrow is the end of the eyebrow. Use the eyebrow pencil to mark the eyebrows, eyebrow peaks, and eyebrow tails, and then you can draw the eyebrow shape.

According to different styles, you can choose your method of drawing eyebrows, find the eyebrow points for effective balance, an outline from shallow to deep, and grasp the strength of drawing eyebrows and eyebrows, so that the brow bone and the eyebrows are equal in shape.

Dual-ended Hexagonal Chiseled Eyebrow Pencil is moderately soft and hard, which is convenient to outline the eyebrow shape, and it is not easy to break the refill during the outline. Equipped with an eyebrow brush to smudge brows, the color rendering is well controlled, and the brow pencil’s smoothness and waterproof oil test performance are also very good, so you don’t have to worry about dizziness in daily use.