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What does translucent powder do? If you only use foundation as a base, you will find makeup made with care in the morning will dissolve with oils in the afternoon and smudge the eyes and cheeks. If you use some professional setting powders or sprays, such an embarrassing situation can be improved or avoided.

Loose powder is generally without modification, without concealer. Some will have a soft-focus effect, which can cover the pores. Part of it will have a brightening effect, with a pearlescent shimmer to make the makeup look brighter. However, even if the loose powder is added with pearl, the effect on the face will still be close to matte and matte. If you are looking for glossy skin, you should choose a makeup setting spray.

Clear loose powders have no color on their own, so are generally unlikely to have unique properties such as improved skin tone or shading. It only has the effect of makeup. Therefore, the applicability of fully transparent loose powder is better and universal, no matter whether your skin is black or white, the translucent loose powder will never go wrong.

In addition, the application of the fully transparent loose powder is also very easy. Just spread it evenly on the loose powder puff, then spread it all over the face, and sprinkle a little more on the T-shaped parts and mouth that are very prone to oil, and then the actual effect of makeup can be fully exerted.

You may use some setting powders that are with colors. Ivory dispersion powder is closer to the skin tone, it makes the skin tone look more natural when applying makeup, it is not easy to fake white and fake face, but it will harm the color of the base makeup. If the base makeup is particularly white, you can use an ivory loose powder to enhance the naturalness of the base makeup. Best for highlighting on the T-zone, cheekbones, and brow bones.

The fully transparent loose powder is very convenient to use, and it is suitable for various skin tones or base makeup colors. Since it does not feel thick even after many times of applications, the base makeup can also be maintained of course. However, the fully transparent loose powder can only be used for makeup and cannot be used to decorate the makeup.

What does translucent powder do if you use it on your face?

Yes, it can settle your makeup. These loose powders are white to the naked eye, like baby powder. This kind of pursuit is a seemingly non-existent effect, mainly used for oil control and makeup, without any concealer effect. The powder is required to be delicate and light, and the face is matte.

Oil control and makeup can generally last for 6 hours. When the face is shiny, no matter how severe the pressure is, it will immediately restore the dry and matte effect. Generally, the base makeup I use is more moisturizing. I like to use it as the last step.

After sweeping the whole face, it will dry out, and there will be no embarrassing situations of sticking to the hair or rubbing the base makeup with a little hand. No matter what other makeup I use, I will still prepare one more for the last step, otherwise I will not feel at ease. And they are small and portable, especially suitable for carrying around and pressing oil at any time.

Like foundation cream, purple loose powder can be used to correct yellowish skin tone. After applying foundation, if your complexion is still yellowish compared to your neck, you can use a purple loose powder to set the makeup and neutralize the yellowish complexion.

There are also other loose powder colors for you to choose from. Most of the big brands on the market will not cause a burden on the skin. It can effectively hide the pores, make the makeup more docile and long-lasting, and the makeup very clear and natural. The moisturizing essence added to the loose powder also has a certain nourishing effect, which can prevent the skin from being irritated by the external environment and ultraviolet rays.

What does translucent powder do? I’m sure you will fall in love with it if you choose the right item. A long-wear makeup cannot last without the help of it!