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How to use lip scrub? The skin of the lips is extremely delicate, and a little carelessness may cause damage to the skin of the lips. Therefore, we must pay attention to protecting the skin of the lips. At this time, we need to apply lipstick or lip film to make the lips look delicate and shiny.

There are various types of lip balm and lip scrub that are moisturizing and hydrating of any flavor, you may have your favorite. A normal lip exfoliating scrub that exfoliates the lips while also moisturizing them. There are also products with a cooling mint formula that smoothes and moisturizes lips while also repairing and calming.

It is also easy to get dry and peel on the lips, especially in the dry winter, many girls will have the symptoms of dry and peeling lips, which also makes them very troubled because it will affect the beauty of the lips, lovely and smooth. Lips are a must for beautiful women, how to get rid of dead skin on lips? Come take a look.

Lip exfoliating scrub is a scrub that is specially formulated for the skin of the lips. The scrub is a deep cleansing agent made by adding solid particles with appropriate friction to the base of cream or ordinary skin cream and facial cleanser. Rational use of lip exfoliating scrub can accelerate the metabolism of the lip skin and improve the phenomenon of roughness and desquamation on the lips.

How to use lip scrub correctly without hurting your lips?

Lip care is very important for women. How to use lip scrub? Before the lush lip scrub, you need to clean the lips with water, and then you can use a hot towel to lightly apply the lip skin, or apply a bit of lip balm to help soften the keratin of the lip skin so that the subsequent lip scrub Use to achieve the best effect.

After hot compressing the lips and softening the keratin of the lip skin, take out the lip scrub, take an appropriate amount with your fingers and apply it evenly on the lips. It is best to apply it while the lip skin is still wet to prevent the scrub particles from falling off.

After applying lip scrub evenly over the entire lips, use your fingers to gently massage the lips in circular motions for about 2-3 minutes. It can gradually melt brown sugar-like particles and remove 70% of dead skin. After that, use water to clean the lips. Pay attention to the changes in the lips during use.

After applying lip scrub and gently massaging for 2-3 minutes, you can take out a cotton pad and moisten it, or gently wipe the residual scrub on the lips with a towel. Finally, wipe the remaining lush lip scrub on the lips, you need to use lip balm or lip oil to deeply care for the lip skin.

Moisturizing the lips and exfoliating, you can use it once or twice a week. You don’t need to exfoliate so often. After a period of use, the skin of the mouth will obviously become better, soft, and delicate, and the lipstick and lip balm will also be smooth after using it.

How to use lip scrub? Can you replace it with a body scrub? The answer is no! Only a thin stratum corneum is attached to the dermis on the lips, and there is no sebum secretion. The lip skin is very fragile. The friction of ordinary facial or body scrubs is large, which may cause damage to the lips.

Therefore, it is best to use exfoliating products specially designed for the lips. The skin of the lips has no pigment protection and is darker than other parts, so it is most likely to absorb ultraviolet rays. Therefore, you should pay attention to sun protection. If necessary, you can apply a lip balm with sun protection, especially After using a lip scrub.

When choosing a lip scrub, pay attention to whether its ingredients are natural and healthy. Because scrubs are easily ingested when they are used in the mouth, everyone should try to choose products that are less irritating. You can also make your own scrubs if you can.

For example, study the making of brown sugar lip scrub on the Internet, and you can make a month’s amount of the DIY scrub to care for the lips. If you really don’t have time, you must carefully identify the product and choose a natural, additive-free, preservative-free scrub.