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There is no doubt that every girl desires the best eyeliner for waterline, because eye makeup, as the core of the art of cosmetics, is most probably been paid attention to. Eyeline is one of the most effective ways to deepen and magnifies your eyes. You must know what eyeliner you can opt for. Your best eyeliner should be handy and suitable for you. You must believe you are able to create the best eyeliner with nice products and tools.

Two main factors will affect your choice. First, you have to know all types of eyeliners. On the market shelf, you will have no hard time finding eye pencils, liquid eyeliners, or gel eyeliners. Eye pencils are the most practical eyeliners for waterline, but the lines get smudged more easily than other types. They allow you to draw really near your waterline so it creates a pretty natural eyeliner.

Liquid eyeliners stay long on your waterline. If you are a mature beauty product user, liquid eyeliners are highly recommended. For example, Slim Long-lasting Liquid Eyeliner from Perfect Diary will give you an unforgettable eye-lining experience with its professional and upgraded packaging. However, liquid eyeliners are never a good choice for those who get wavering hands unless you want a mess on your eye makeup.

Gel eyeliners enjoy the fame of being precise. They require an appropriate yet tiny brush to go with them. The choice of brush affects the finish to a large extent. If you love having uniquely designed eyeliner, gel eyeliners won’t disappoint you. You will feel you have full control over your eyeliner with gel eyeliners.

The other factor that will decide what eyeliners you choose for your waterline is the color of your eyes. To achieve the goal of deepening your eyes through eyeliner, the color of your eyeliner should be able to cause a contrast. For neutral eye colors like brown and hazel, they have more choices of eyeliner colors. Many deep colors like black or dark gray can all fit them.

For some specified eye colors, each has its match. Blue eyes’ most flattering eyeliner colors are purple-toned or berry. Green-toned eyes should choose darker green or plum eyeliners. Black eyes go with gray eyeliner. The basic logic here is to build a contrast so that your eyes can be brought out by the eyeliner.

Now let’s say you have selected your best eyeliner for waterline of the right form and matching color, and the next question pops out. How will you apply your eyeliner according to the occasions you are going to attend? Most steps are basic and the same for every occasion. Small adjustments can be made accordingly.

Before you start your eyeliner session, make sure you have laid eye primer and eyeshadow. The upper eyeliner is a must. You draw it near your waterline as much as possible.

For grand events like a red carpet, or wedding, eyeliner should be thick and a long wing at the end of your eyes will make a big difference on your entire makeup. And a lower eyeliner can be a bonus for the makeup finish. But if you just want to go out to the grocery or pick up your kids from kindergarten, less effort should be put into eyeliner. Sometimes to make it look natural, only the outer half of the upper eyeliner should be applied.

If you have trouble deciding how much is enough for a certain situation, there is a shortcut to reaching the standard trend which will never be a mistake. Following the trend is always a secure strategy for any makeup. When you go to a party, check party people’s makeup and copy their eyeliner. When you go shopping in a mall, observe street snaps of celebrities. Copy it until you find your vibe!

The best eyeliner for waterline can be only defined by yourself. Whatever eyeliner meets your requirement and conditions most is your best eyeliner. If you can find and get your sweet eyeliner, trust me, you will master the core technique for eye makeup which serves as your killing skill in the makeup world.