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How to select an ultra fine eyeliner pencil? You may hear some women say: “If you only paint one thing when you go out, it must be eye makeup.” A woman’s eyes can speak. If beauty is a painting of the whole body, then eyeliner is the finishing touch of this painting.

If you are just starting to do makeup, it is better to choose an eyeliner with a thin tip. Because a thin tip can also be thick, but a thick tip may not be able to draw thin, so it is best to use a thin-tip eyeliner.

Eyeliner can visually expand the size of the eyes, and eyeliner can be said to be an indispensable and important tool in eye makeup. Smooth pen design. The eyeliner pen has excellent quick-drying properties, and it is not easy to cause the eyeliner to smudge even if it encounters sweat or oil. Long-lasting makeup can be said to be the biggest feature of eyeliner.

Therefore, it is recommended for people who are prone to oiliness around the eyelids, and who often worry about eye makeup smudging or peeling off. In addition, the soft touch of the brush makes it easy to outline lines of different thicknesses, so you can easily create eye makeup effects in various atmospheres. So, are you choosing the right one?

Have you ever tried this ultra fine eyeliner pencil?

Some little girls are not proficient enough to draw eyeliner at the beginning, and sometimes they even have handicapped situations, and there is no rush to draw eyeliner. Only practice makes it perfect to draw beautiful and smooth eyeliner. At this time Also need to have better eyeliner to assist. At this time, the Slim Long-lasting Liquid Eyeliner of Perfect Diary can play its biggest role!

The waterproof eyeliner of this brand became popular both online and offline as soon as it was launched. As a cost-effective open-shelf makeup product, relying on product strength and high cost-effectiveness to break out of the liner pen market, it has won a group of loyal users.

If you have drawn eyeliner before, you know that the eyeliner drawn by thick-tip eyeliner is smoother and not easy to draw crookedly, but if the hand posture is wrong, it will cause uneven thickness and may also appear smudged. The line drawn by the thin eyeliner is relatively smooth, and the imported bristles are not easy to fork.

Therefore, the biggest advantage of this product is its pen tip, which is extremely fine, suitable for drawing details, and delicate strokes, good skin-friendly, and one-stroke forming. In the process of using this ultra fine eyeliner pencil, if you feel that the eyeliner is too thin, you can superimpose the eyeliner to enlarge and thicken it. Some thick eyeliners can’t do this!

It can accurately draw the eyeliner line of any thickness at the root of the eyelashes and can draw a beautiful line like a “cat’s eye” at will, creating a delicate and neat attractive eyeliner. Even the gap between the eyelashes and the raised part at the end of the eye can be easily and easily drawn! Even though it is slender, the color can be even and full.

Especially for people with close eyelids, the fine brush strokes not only make the inner eyeliner not easy to smudge to the upper eyelid but also very convenient to use. Some people will use it to paint their lower eyelashes, which is also very natural.

It is particularly excellent in terms of makeup retention, especially its unique “glossy liquid gel” formula, which allows the refill to instantly melt into a glossy liquid texture when it touches the eye skin. The nylon fiber tip is precisely drawn onto the skin, and the color can be developed immediately and dried quickly. It is also resistant to sweat, tears, and oil, creating a natural and deep eye makeup effect!

As for the color, in the past, the eyeliner was mostly black. However, in recent years, eyeliners in various colors such as brown, pink or purple have been launched on the market. You can easily change your temperament and impression by using eyeliner pens of different colors according to different makeup temperaments! The brown eyeliner of this Slim Long-lasting Liquid Eyeliner can create a natural and gentle makeup look. Compared with the more serious and capable black eyeliner, it can give people a soft and quiet impression. If you’re tired of black, consider brown.