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Are you looking for a 24 hour powder foundation that is long-wear and inexpensive? You may be struggling with the below issues: acne scars, acne, spots, uneven skin tone, dull skin tone, etc. And you want a foundation that’s lightweight, long-lasting, and stays put. Well, who wants to go out in the sun with heavy makeup on, when the summer heat will strip you off and make your skin look worse?

A long-lasting powder can solve your needs. Next, we will tell you how to choose and use a pressed powder foundation.

Foundation is a general term for a series of basic makeup, generally including liquid foundation (cream), powder, and loose powder. For powder foundation, we usually refer to two types of powder, dual-purpose powder, and dry powder.

Pressed powder foundation is formulated for oily or T-word, mixed oily skin, because the powder product can absorb the oil on the face and can achieve the effect of oil control, the powder is smooth and light to use. The matte powder has a matte finish, which is a little heavier.

Dual-purpose 24 hour powder foundation can be used wet or dry. When using it wet, dip the puff in water and squeeze out 75% of the water, and then dab the powder and rub it, so that the powder is not much different from the liquid foundation, but be careful to observe it while applying the powder, do not overcoat it thick.

Pressed powder is a base makeup product that came into being relatively early, and the more common BB creams and CC creams today do not have a long history of powdered powder. But now the use of powder is far less than that of liquid foundation and BB cream. Why?

First, it is related to the hype on the Internet. Many KOL or posts are putting BB creams to a more popular level. Second, many people have responded that the powder foundation is too dry, and it is easy to rub and fall off. Under normal circumstances, this phenomenon does not exist in powder cakes. If this problem occurs, you may use it wrong.

Tips for using 24 hour powder foundation

1. Puff pressing method. Many girls habitually pick up the puff to wipe the whole face. This method is wrong. Wiping the whole face with the puff directly will not only not cover the whole face, but will also cause the phenomenon of floating powder. The correct way to use it is to use the puff to press the powder, and then use the pressing method to apply powder on the face, so as to achieve the effect of concealing and not floating powder.

2. The puff should be cleaned regularly. Because the puff is not cleaned for a long time, bacteria will be generated, so repeated use on the face will cause facial allergies.

3. Apply makeup with a brush. Some compacts have a built-in puff, and some have a built-in brush, which is more convenient for applying makeup. After sweeping the powder with the powder brush, dip the powder on the powder, and then use the powder brush to sweep the face evenly.

Although the operation of the powder brush is simpler, the makeup effect of the powder brush is relatively general, and it is easy to fly powder and has a covering effect. Not obvious.

4. Do a good job of moisturizing. Unlike liquid foundation and BB cream, the powder itself has a moisturizing effect. The texture of the powder is dry. If the moisturizing work of the skin is not done well, the follow-up makeup will be very dry, not fit the face, and even lead to floating powder.

You can refer to our presses powder foundation in the catalog. Our 24 hour powder foundation is a sheer, lightweight, build-able formula. If you personally hate using a sponge to put on foundation or find streaking to use brushes. Here’s come this pressed powder foundation for your easy-using and long-lasting all-day perfect, flawless performance!

Most importantly, this dual-purpose powder covers your redness and imperfections almost completely yet it goes on so lightly that it doesn’t look like you have anything on except maybe some moisturizer. Create the most naturally healthy skin tone for you!