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Have you ever tried a face and eye palette? What can you do with it? You may wonder if it is not worth buying a multi-color eyeshadow palette as you will not use so much color when drawing eyeshadow. But you will never know unless you try! For example, some colors in the eyeshadow palette can be used as blush, killing two birds with one stone.

How to select a face and eye palette?

The makeup of autumn and winter is always inseparable from the words “femininity” and “maturity”. It seems that no amount of gorgeous blessings is enough. Winter makeup should be dominated by warm colors, and some bright colors are needed to embellish and bless our faces. In makeup, eyeshadow can best highlight a person’s makeup.

The eyeshadow color of Explorer Eyeshadow Palette 02 Tiger is a face and eye palette that you must have! This orange eyeshadow is standard in autumn and winter. Eye makeup in this period cannot be as simple and lively as in summer and is more suitable for gentle warm orange tones or slightly drunken burgundy tones. This eye makeup can be painted whether it is single eyelid or double eyelid, giving people a very warm feeling and driving away the cold of winter.

Because the color matching is relatively uniform, the eye makeup styles it can complete are also more lively and daily. The outer packaging is also very atmospheric. The tiger’s eyes on the outer packaging are three-dimensional and suspended, and it feels very touching and looks very charming.

The colors of the tiger Platte are very practical. Many girls know that its animal series eyeshadow palette is very popular, and each plate has its own characteristics. The most beautiful is its pearlescent color. The powder quality is excellent at this price/performance ratio, and the brush that comes with it is quite easy to use.

If you don’t usually paint blush, or you can’t find a suitable blush, just use the PAD or PREDATOR of this eyeshadow palette to paint blush. . This plate of spotted tiger plate has a large color span, and it has a transitional sense of painting, and it will not look dirty. A set of N kinds of eyeshadows, the usage rate is very high, suitable for many occasions, and put the autumn sunset on your eyes!

The following is a detailed introduction to the perfect diary tiger plate eyeshadow painting method. For example, we can try a special orange eyeshadow. First, use the matte light orange powder STRENGTH of the eyeshadow palette to smudge the eye sockets and under the eyes.

After finishing the primer, we can start to superimpose the color, which is also a relatively difficult step. First of all, we need to choose two or three colors that we like. We must pay attention to the connection between the colors. If the color span of the eyeshadow is too large, the whole eye makeup will look very messy.

Here you can use the matte earth orange ENCOUNTER to superimpose and smudge the eye sockets and under the eyes, and the matte brown STRIPED to deepen the upper and lower eye corners. Then use GAZE to mix and dip, smudge into the eye. For the brightening part, we use HUNTING to brighten the center of the eyelid, which is just below the pupil. Finally, use HUNTING to draw eyeliner on the upper and lower ends of the eyes, and then gently blur it.

When applying eye makeup for single eyelids and swollen eyes, it is suitable to use earth tones, and you can use the perfect diary spot tiger plate to draw good-looking eyeshadows. First, use BELLY on the eyelid to make a small area, smudge the eye socket and under the eye, and eliminate the swelling of the eye.

Then use FUR to deepen the upper and lower ends of the eyes, increase the depth of the eyes, and enlarge the eyes. After the color overlay of our eyeshadow is completed, we still need to modify it.

The work of retouching is very simple, we need to use a smaller brush to pick up the brighter color and choose pearl eyeshadow as much as possible. Then brush it on the corner of your eye, and then apply it in the middle of your eye socket, which can make your eye makeup look more delicate and make your eyes look bigger. So don’t forget to use ROAM to light up the eye part!