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Do you want to know all about shadow primer for eyes? Primer before applying eyeshadow is to prevent eyeshadow from falling off and smudging, making eyeshadow long-lasting and glossier. In addition, the primer can also make the eyeshadow more color, because the primer brings a lot of conveniences, so the primer before applying eye makeup has become a very important step.

There are professional eye makeup primers for eyes primer. Most of these products are cream-like emulsions with a certain concealer and moisturizing power, which can refine the fine lines in the eye area and make the eye skin smoother. , After applying the primer, the eyeshadow can not only be better colored, but also prevent the eyeshadow from smearing, remove makeup, prolong the life of the eyeshadow, and add gloss to the eyeshadow.

Many girls are very distressed because eyeshadow is too easy to take off makeup. Generally speaking, this kind of situation is mostly caused by the excessive secretion of oil on the face, and the eyeshadow is smeared. As long as the eyeshadow is damaged a little, the entire eye makeup will be completely abolished, and repainting is time-consuming and laborious.

All about shadow primer for eyes and how to do

If you want the eyeshadow to not take off your makeup, you will be relieved after makeup, and primer must be an indispensable step. In addition to using a primer for eye makeup, you can also use a primer to replace it. The primer also can conceal and adjust the skin tone. It is also possible to apply a light layer and then apply eye makeup.

Eye primer is very important. After all, the eye area is the most fragile skin. If you use makeup directly on it for a long time, it will cause damage to the eye area and cause fat particles or fine lines in the eyes. In addition to products such as isolation cream, eye primer is also a good choice. It contains smaller molecules and can better protect the eye skin. You can also use eye primer instead of isolation cream.

In this way, the makeup will not directly hurt the skin, and it will not be easy to dizzy makeup after applying eyeliner and eyeshadow products after priming the eyes.

I believe that every girl wants to be born beautiful, but if you can’t be born beautiful, you can do it the day after tomorrow, that is makeup, and the highlight of makeup is eye makeup, and the most important part of eye makeup is eyeshadow. Eyeshadow can be divided into the following steps.

Eye makeup must first do the base work, just like the makeup base, the eye makeup can make the eye shadow last longer and the color is better. The eyelid without primer is oily and sweaty, and it is easy to faint and fall off easily.

Choose an eye shadow powder that is close to your skin tone, cover the upper eyelid with ivory, wheat, and other colors similar to your skin tone, and apply to the entire eye socket.

The superposition of eye shadow is the key part of the whole eye makeup, and it is necessary to pay attention to the matching of colors to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the eyes. Usually, novice eye shadow superposition is not recommended to use too much color in exaggerated painting.

Use two similar colors to match, the transition from the inner corner of the eye with a light-colored eye shadow to the end of the eye, and then use a dark eye shadow to deepen the end of the eye, follow a small number of times, from the inside out. Pay attention to the natural transition in the middle.

The modification of eyeshadow can use the color of the pearl, embellish the middle part of the upper eyelid, and spread it in a small area. For inner double and single eyelids, avoid pearly eyeshadow, and use bright colors for embellishment and smearing.

All about shadow primer for eyes is clear enough now. When retouching eyeshadow, remember to take a small area on the lower eyelid, and remember to apply it on a large scale. This makes eyeshadow look bloated and unnatural. Retouching eye makeup can make the eyes look radiant.